Glam Girlfriend/Guy Friend Gift Guide 2014 #2

Christmas tree

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Well as promised here is my next post regarding fabulous gifts to get the special people in your life this season. The people on my list are actually receiving items from my gift guide posts and they don’t even know it yet!!! Now with that said “cough” that is why these gifts are of course fabulous and budget friendly as well. This week items are just as amazing and I hope that you like them as much as I do. Take a look below:

First up today on the list will be Tory Burch Bath Soaps for the luxury bath person on your list. I will admit that Tory Burch has some amazing perfumes available and the soaps are just as glamorous. Retail-$48.00 for a set of 4

Tory Burch Bath Soap

Now this next gem I am so crazy about that I might have to get one for myself. I have some girlfriends that are trying to get in tune with their healthier side so this Monogrammed Yoga Mat should do the trick. Retail $40.00

My custom yoga mat

High cost is not always better and when it comes to facial cleaning brushes….you better do your research. I was all set on purchasing a more expensive facial brush when I stumbled across this amazing product Olay Professional Pro X Advanced Cleaning System. I purchased one for myself this past weekend from Target and I think this would be a nice gift as well. Retail $30.00

Olay advanced Pro X

This gift would be nice for the wine lovers in your life. This lovely Savino Wine Saver Carafe is an excellent gift and I think I want one for myself. The Savino Wine Carafe is an elegant glass cruet, designed not only to serve wine, but to keep it exceptionally fresh, night after night, for up to a week after opening. Retail $50.00

Savino Wine Saver Carafe

My final gift suggestion would be the luxury Warm rails Regent Wall mounted Towel Warmer. All together now YES!!!!!!! I love to feel warm towels on my body after a relaxing bath or hot shower unfortunately I only get to experience that when I travel. This gift is a little pricey but hey you can’t put a price on a great friendship right? Retail $108.00

towel warmer

So here are my picks for this week, hope you find this helpful and Oh yeah I wouldn’t be offended if I receive any of these items….”wink wink”



Glam Girlfriend/Guy Friend Gift Guide 2014

Xmas box

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas……….

Happy Wednesday!!!!

This is without a doubt my favorite time of the year!! The holiday season is approaching very fast and now is the time to start to think about getting (and receiving) gifts for the special people in your life. Let me just say that I have the most amazing set of girlfriends this side of the Mississippi and they have elaborate taste in everything from food to fashion. I have been thinking of what to get each and every one of them this year and going over my list day after day to make sure that I fine unique gifts at great prices. Today after reviewing my list yet again I said to myself “self you can’t be the only one who’s struggling to find great gifts for great gal pals” and with that conversation with myself I came up with the idea to share some of the gifts that I have found.

I would like to think that I am doing my part to help ease gift buying headaches and decided to post my “Glam Girlfriends/Guy friends Gift Guide”. I will post weekly five possible awesome gifts for your gal pals and guy pals. So enjoy and leave a comment of what you think of the gifts that I have listed.

Kate Spade Glasses- When I saw Olivia Pope drink vintage wine out of these I knew I had to add them to the list. Retail $49.99
Kate Spade New York Larabee Dot Balloon Glass

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume- This happens to be my personal favorite at the moment and if I like it then my gal pals should like it….right? Retail-$58.00
Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour- I have this polish and I love it and I am sure that my gal pals would love to add this to their vanity. Retail-$50.00
Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour<

Natural Body Spa Facials- I think what better way to ease some stress from holiday shopping than to have a facial. I just happen to love this spa. Retail-$85.00
Natural Body Facials

ASOS Clutch Bag with double Tassel- No words needed here for this lovely bag…..I LOVE it and it comes in different colors. Retail-$35.00
ASOS Clutch Bag

Okay, so I think this is a good start to the shopping season, good luck!!!


What The Kale Are You Eating??

Nikki Bell


Thank you for stopping by today to see what’s going on! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and had a chance to get out and enjoy some of the amazing sun that we had here in Atlanta.

So if you are still reading I will assume that the title of this post got your attention…..LOL I love it! Okay, okay so let’s get down to what I am talking about and my new found love for kale. We all know or have heard or read about how good Kale is for the body and that this vegetable is packed with so many vitamins and nutrients. Some have even named Kale the healthiest food around and the benefits can provide the body with just about every vitamin you need.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the book signing of Chef Nikki Bell latest cook book title “A bit of this, a bit of that” that was hosted by none other than the Garner Circle here in Atlanta ( Nikki was also a contestant on Food Network’s America’s Best Cook. To me some things take more convincing than others to try and the consumption of eating kale….well is one of those instances where more convincing is needed. To my surprise Nikki was doing live demonstrations of some of her delicious recipes from her cook book for the audience to taste. There was this huge bowl of kale that was beautiful and smelled amazing so amazing that I just had to try it. I was surprised by how tender and delicious the kale was and later learned that by using vinaigrette helps breaks down the celluar wall of the kale and make it softer and easier to consume.

Nikki’s Spicy Kale Salad with Smoky Vinaigrette was absolutely AMAZING! If you are looking for a great cook book I suggest that you pick up a copy of Nikki Bell “A bit of this, a bit of that”. This cook book can be described in Nikki’s own words as “revolutionizing southern classics with a Caribbean twist and an eclectic remake of traditional comfort food”. Please visit and order your cook book today, it’s packed with over 30 recipes! This weekend I plan on making my own kale salad and will post what I create. Be sure to follow her on twitter: @NikkiCanCook she tweets out amazing recipes and helpful tips and best of all she responds to questions!!! Gotta love it!

Nikki signing my cook book!!

Nikki signing my cook book!!

My signed copy!

My signed copy!

Nikki Cook Book

Me, Nikki and Shay of

Me, Nikki and Shay of