Dream Big 2015 Event

Dream Big Flyer


Thank you for checking in on my blog today!! I am so excited to tell you about this amazing event I attended on March 21st that was a great informative platform for women in business. This branding summit was open to all professional entrepreneurs who either had a successful business or have the dream to one day own their own business. This fabulous event made its stop in Atlanta and it was packed with a diverse panel who gave us exactly what we needed to hear and the inspiration to keep moving forward to reach our dreams. The event was held at the Westside Cultural Arts Center which by the way has become one of my favorite places to attend an event.

This was an perfect event, guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, swag gifts and free drinks. There were many inspirational quotes and information that was very helpful to me in my quest for success….I learned a lot. I meet some great women and made great connections at this event. I even had the opportunity to see and speak with Celebrity Photographer Drexina Nelson who will be having a photographer class for novice users!! I will be taking her class so I can learn the art of photographer. If you ever have the chance to attend this event I highly recommend that you do so…. you will be glad that you did.

Dream Big My Outfit

*I love this high waist pencil skirt I got from Macy’s*

Dream Big Panel

*Panel of amazing women*

Dream Big Sign

*Repeat This Daily*




Final Spring Pic

Happy Friday and Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

Welcome green grass, afternoon rain showers, open windows, cold ice cream, evening walks, picnics in the park, warm sunshine, pretty flowers, longer days and many new adventures with friends.

Have a GREAT day!!!!


Alexander McQueen-Fall Winter 2015 Womenswear-4 Looks I Love!!

McQueen Quote

All Hail McQueen!!!

Sarah Burton gave us a beautiful reenactment of “Edward Scissorhands” with her Victorian inspired floral and lace creations. Keeping with the tradition of McQueen’s vision she delivered an intimate show that embodied romance, elegance and the beauty of imperfections. Out of the 36 amazing looks I managed to decide on 4 looks I love from the collection but there are many more that were simply outstanding.

Alexander McQueen was my all-time favorite designer. I loved the way he could blend gothic and beauty together expressed through his clothes and gave you the outcome of a beautiful nightmare. I will never forget where I was when I heard of his passing, in a cab in NY on my way to a fashion show during NYFW with my mind set on sneaking into his show. He is surely missed around the world….there will never be another Alexander McQueen.

McQueen 1

McQueen 2

McQueen 3

McQueen 4

*Pictures Courtesy of GPSRadar*


Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Womenswear-4 Looks I love!!

Chanel Quote

“Happy Terrific Tuesday!!”

What a great Tuesday it is thanks to Mr. Lagerfeld!!! I am actually at a loss for words here because Karl Lagerfeld has done it again!! It wasn’t enough that he took over a hangar in an airport a few seasons back or turned a runway into the hottest upscale supermarket ever on the planet so guess what he did this year? This year the creative master mind created a restaurant inside the Grand Palais with get this “Booth Chairs” real leather of course.

There were tables and booths all over the place and the lucky attendees had the pleasure and up close view of 97 magnificent and breathtaking pieces that only Karl can deliver. By the way the guest were drinking champagne and eating appetizers just for the record so yeah it was a real cafe. This collection should have been called “Glamour” because it oozed that all over the place!I really encourage you to view the entire show once it has been posted! It was almost impossible for me to choose just 4 looks, but keeping with the theme of the “4 Looks I Love” I shared my favorite.

*Side Note* Attending a Chanel show is on my bucket list!

Chanel 1

Chanel 2

Chanel 3

chanel 4

chanel runway bar spot

Karl Lagerfeld Bar runway


Manish Arora Fall Winter 2015 Womenswear- 4 Looks I Love!

Manish Arora Picture

This designer is new to me, however not new to the adoring fans of his brand. I was excited when I first focused my “peeps” on his Fall Winter collection today via GPSRadar. The colorful rainbow and outlandish ornaments that adorned his pieces were like a real life fantasy world. I wish that I could have posted all 43 looks of his collection because it is something to see I tell you! Outfits were covered in crystals, patches of fake fur, fake grass and smashed up Christmas ornaments (ok maybe not) were mixed all up and turned out FIERCE!

Manis Arora Look 2

Manis Arora Look 3

Manish Arora Look 1

Manish Arora look 4

*Pictures Courtesy of GPSRadar*


Balmain Fall Winter 2015 Womenswear-4 Looks I love!

Balmain quotes and pic

Happy Thursday!!

Well just because New York Fashion Week has come and gone doesn’t mean that Fashion Week for the rest of the world has stopped as well. Amazing fashion is being served daily across the pond and OMG they are truly giving us “Fashion CPR”!! Now Balmain is another one of my fashion faves but this selection of my “4 Looks I love” was super hard. Out of the 54 looks that were shown and yes all 54 looks were amazing, I managed to narrow my favorites down to look below.

Balmain Look 1

Balmain Look 2

Balmain Look 3

Balmain Look 4

*Pictures Courtesy of GPSRadar*