Don’t Call It A Come Back-They Been Here For Years since 1924!!!

Adidas logo

Happy Tuesday!!!

Goodness it seems like forever since I have posted something but it was my birthday last month and I needed a mental break to be totally honest. Well I am back! For my birthday trip I went to Puerto Rico with some gal pals and had an amazing time none the less. On the trip home while strolling through the airport I spotted this fashion diva in a beautiful floral ensemble and had to walk over to her and inquire where did she get such a lovely jacket? To my surprise it was Adidas yes you read that right Adidas and they have totally revamped their brand. I am so in love with this new floral campaign that has come out of the Adidas camp.

Adidas has been in business since 1924 and since they first opened their doors, they have been creating many different types of sports equipment and apparel. This company has created some of the most popular items available and just about anyone will be able to find something they love from Adidas. So if you are looking for something different yet comfortable and girlie you should check out Adidas.

Adidas jacket

Adidas pic

Adidas side by side

Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Adidas
Shorts: Old Navy Boyfriend Shorts
Shoes: Throw Back Rose Gold Halstons
Arm Candy: BCBG Generation Bracelets
Bag: LV
Scents: Marc Jacob Daisy



April Showers Brings May Flowers……

Hello May

Ahhhhh my favorite month of the year!!

Everything is new, fresh and so pretty from the flowers that are blooming to the new beautiful leaves that are on the trees. Make this month your best month!!