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Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein

It’s a sad day in the fashion world as we learned that Marchesa has canceled its New York Fashion week show that was on the calendar for February 14th. Marchesa has opted to present a digital presentation for the many admirers who were excited to see the fashion brand presentation live. I am sure that many unseen factors played a major role in this decisions and just maybe it was “way to soon” for the comeback. However, as I plan my trip to NYFW next week, I will be sure to add a reminder to take a look at the digital presentation…….will you?


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Upcoming Event in Atlanta!


I am absolutely thrilled about this play and can’t wait to take my daughter and invite my girlfriends.

Blue Butterfly, the Black Ballerina is a poignant and entrancing play inspired by some of the greatest black ballerinas that have ever graced the stage.

The Backdrop:

The word ‘ballerina’ traditionally invokes the image of a beautiful and radiant Caucasian woman dancing with classical grace. However, that misconception has been shattered forever thanks to ballerinas like Misty Copeland – a dancer who has made history as a member of the prestigious American Ballet Theatre and as the first African American Female Principal Dancer. Ms. Copeland, along with Lauren Anderson (Houston Ballet), Aesha Ash (New York City Ballet), and Janet Collins (Metropolitan Ballet) are known as trailblazers, who have been breaking the barriers with fortitude and grace.

The History:

The story line of Blue Butterfly is mesmerizing. On April 4, 1968, the world as we knew it was changed forever. The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left a profound impression on thousands of individuals, and a call for change and freedom resounded from coast to coast. The central character of the play, Anya Duport (an upper-class, Caucasian and gifted ballerina) feels increasingly suffocated by her overpowering mother. She searches for her own sense of ‘change’ and ‘freedom,’ and ultimately finds herself in the arms of Samuel Christopher Jackson, a black man. Together, they create something incredibly precious – a daughter who will one day become the first African-American ballerina.

The Play:

Based on Marian L. Thomas’ acclaimed book, Blue Butterfly, the Black Ballerina will offer a memorable performance from June 17 through June 19, 2016, at the Marietta Performing Arts Center, 1171 Whitlock Ave., Marietta, GA. It is a love story that delivers a powerful and emotional story of secrets, betrayal and forgiveness. Directed by Dr. Shondrika Moss – Bouldin, Blue Butterfly – The Black Ballerina is guaranteed to touch the hearts of all women – and the men who love them – everywhere. With the book already getting rave reviews, the play is anticipated to attract an unprecedented attendance.

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Upcoming Event: Iris Apfel Fashion Icon Documentary Series presented by SCAD


“Fashion Really Is Women’s Liberation”




Thanks for stopping by to view my blog! You know that I love sharing events especially about fashion and style and this event is one that you don’t want to miss. SCAD is presenting another installment of the documentary series and this time they will highlight the fashion icon Iris Apfel. The tickets are on Eventbrite and just search for Iris and then register to receive your free tickets….by the way if you don’t know who Iris is stop what you are doing now and google her!! Hope to see you there!


Event Details


173 14th Street NE

Atlanta, Ga 30309

Thursday, November 12, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)


The latest film from legendary documentarian Albert Maysles (GREY GARDENS, GIMME SHELTER), IRIS pairs the late 88-year-old filmmaker (who passed away on March 5) with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity and how a soaring free spirit continues to inspire. IRIS portrays a singular woman whose enthusiasm for fashion, art and people are life’s sustenance and reminds us that dressing, and indeed life, is nothing but an experiment.




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Bill Cunningham New York-Fashion Documentary Series-Event Recap

Bill Cunningham Picture 2


Hello Beautiful People!!

I am slowly developing this huge passion for the art of photography ever since I purchased my Canon Rebel T3i a few years ago and just recently my Samsung Galaxy camera. I think I love the idea of capturing a moment in time and being able to freeze that moment forever. I am always looking to learn and become better at whatever has my interest and my pursuit of trying to become a novice photographer is no different. I do know one thing, in order to become great at anything you have to learn your craft and what better way to perfect your craft than to study the best and by the best I mean Bill Cunningham.

I had the opportunity to attend the Bill Cunningham New York-Fashion Documentary Series that was presented by SCAD yesterday evening and what a fashion treat it was. This 80+ New York Times photographer who is best known for his candid and street photography of fashion trends but mainly the day to day style of people hurrying about their lives in New York City. Every day of his life he stills pedals around Manhattan on his bicycle taking amazing pictures of all the fashion that is presented on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

I left this documentary with way more knowledge of Bill and the history of fashion for that matter. Did you know that in 1960 was the first time photographers actually started taking pictures at fashion shows? The routine was that designers of fashion houses had to take their own photos and send them in to magazines for them to choose the pictures they would use. I was thinking what a huge difference of what we see at fashion shows today the “pit” has about 100 photogs at each show now. Bill is really a big deal in the world of fashion and maybe the only one that can stop Anna Wintour in her tracks by calling her name and she stops!

SCAD will be hosting a series of interesting documentaries about all things fashion. I highly recommend that if you can catch one please do so. The next series will feature the fashion house of Dior and I posted a blog earlier with all of the information. I will leave you with one of the many quotes by Bill Cunningham that I love. He is really amazing and full of information if you are into fashion you should Google Mr. Cunningham and follow him on



Bill Cunningham Picture




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Upcoming Event! Dior and I-Fashion Documentary Series presented by SCAD

Dior and I


Hello !


I wanted to share with you about this amazing upcoming event that is presented by SCAD that will take place in Atlanta on Wednesday October 14th. I had the pleasure of attending a documentary last night on famed photographer Bill Cunningham and it was amazing! If you are a lover of fashion I recommend that you attend this FREE event located at the SCAD Show (formerly the 14th Street Playhouse) which has been revamped into a breathtaking theater. This event is free however you will have to register with Eventbrite (search for Dior and I-Fashion Documentary Series) today! Of course you can thank me later!


Event Details

173 14th St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

Dior and I brings the viewer inside the storied world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a privileged, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection as its new artistic director—a true labor of love created by a dedicated group of collaborators. Melding the everyday, pressure- filled components of fashion with mysterious echoes from the iconic brand’s past, the film is also a colorful homage to the seamstresses who serve Simons’ vision.




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Balmain Spring Summer 2016 Womenswear-4 Looks I Love!

Balmain logo



Do you speak Balmain? Well can you read it because this SS16 collection told a story that didn’t need any narration. My goodness the 59 looks that were presented were breathtaking to say the least. Now we are all anticipating the collaboration of H&M with Balmain scheduled to hit stores Nov 5th, however I am willing to bet that we will not see any of the pieces that just glided down the runway in Paris in any store.

The colors of pigments chosen for this collection were Egyptian blue, white, gold and malachite green which were used throughout the designs. It was a perfect contrast and of course I have my favorite 4 looks below. The entire collection was really nice and worth doing an internet search to view all of the looks.


Balmain look 1 Balmain look 2 Balmain look 3 Balmain look 4

*Pictures courtesy of GPSRadar*



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Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2016 Womenswear-4 Looks I Love!

RL Logo

Happy Friday!!

You know how we do here on the blog on Fridays! Glasses in the air, pinkies out and “clink” we made it!!

 The designers did an outstanding job this season with presenting great collections that made you actually want to skip three seasons and go right back into summer. I was very impressed with my favorites and of course surprised by some designers that I never gave a second look at. The presentation from Ralph Lauren made me long for summer days again and I could see myself relaxing in the East Coast society resort of the Hamptons on a bright beautiful sunny day in many of the pieces. The strapless flowing evening gowns were beautiful and perfect for a summer night on the town.

The entire collection was clean cut and classic in my opinion and I could see myself wearing all 48 pieces presented. The handbags were also amazing and well paired with outfits that completed the look from head to toe. The 4 looks I love are below but if you can check out the entire collection….very nice.


RL 1 RL 2 RL 3 RL 4


*Pictures Courtesy of GPSRadar*




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