Balmain x H&M: Fashionista Shopping Frenzy!!

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” Do you speak Balmain?”

Hello Friends,


So show of hands how many of us were able to snatch a piece of the BalmainxH&M collection last week? If you were able to grab (literally) a piece of this collection then congratulations are in order. Just let me start off by saying that I have never and I mean never seen anything remotely even close to the stampede that I saw when the doors opened at H&M last week. I have never participated in Black Friday and if what I saw last week was an indication of what consumers go through for Black Friday then you can count me out.


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I will say that I was lucky enough to purchase a piece from the collection that I really wanted and it felt like I had won the lottery I tell you! I was able to get the yellow braided embroidery vest which retailed for $129.00 but I see this same item is selling on EBay for $350.00. I did not partake in the fist fight of trying to get this item instore but yet opted to purchase my item online using my mobile device. I had a team of dedicated friends and coworkers that were trying online as well for me so you can say that this was a well thought out plan to score that vest.



In the end I was able to purchase the item and was anticipating the arrival of my sought out piece of the Balmain x H&M collection and I finally have it. The quality of this item was utterly amazing, the fabric is well made and worth every dime that I spent. I also received a garment bag to store my coveted piece from this collaboration. It was a thrill ride to say the least and has given me the courage to maybe go for something on Black Friday maybe? Nah…I will leave well enough alone that was way too stressful for my liking. Well let me take that back because if H&M collaborate with Chanel then I will start this process all over again!! If you did partake in purchasing your Balmain instore PLEASE share your experience with me below in a comment.

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Keep’em Seeing Red!!!

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Happy Friday!!!


You know how we do here on the blog on Fridays! Glasses in the air, pinkies out and “clink” we made it!!


Today is a very special day because today marks my 100th post on my blog!! I am just tickled pink I tell you and this has been a great adventure so far and I am looking forward to all that will come in the future. I send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all that stop by and like my posts and read my posts on well….whatever I feel like writing about that day.


If you follow me on Instagram a few days ago I posted a picture about a product that I was going to review and that product was “Save your Sole”. This product is amazing and I love it and will be giving this as gifts to all my awesome girlfriends who rock the “red bottom” we so love. This product was designed to help you protect your soles from day to day wear or to give a fabulous touch up to the sole that need a little TLC. I was searching all over the place to find a place that would restore my shoes back to the original form and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I also didn’t want to take my shoes to a Cobbler and have them grind down my sole and replace it with an off color red rubber mat.

Save your sole before and after pic 1           save your sole before and after pic 2         Save your sole bottle


I came across this produce online and I will admit I was not sure if this would be the perfect red or even a great product for that matter. To my surprise the red is the EXACT glossy red that are on my Christian Louboutin pumps (I see why the lawsuit was in place now) a perfect match! I felt really comfortable trying this product ($35.00 retail) on an old pair first after watching a few YouTube demonstrations. The product is very easy to use and it dries fast and leave that glossy look. If you have some shoes that need a “make over” I highly recommend using this product. Visit the website because they have great gift items and other products for all types of shoe soles and great information on Cobblers as well. Also check out the clear and self-adhesive soles they have for your soles as well, I plan on using those on my next pair of Louboutin’s.


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4 Amazing Products I Am Loving Right Now!

Favorite products


Hello friends!


I made it back from NYFW and it was….welll….ummmm….not what I was expecting or have ever experienced on a trip to New York but none the less it was an adventure. Well I am glad to be home and trying to get back into the swing of things with my beauty regimen. I love events that have swag bags because inside of those bags are great treasures and hidden gems. This past weekend I decided to go through some of the items and I am so happy that I did because I have found 4 brands and I instantly fell in love with their products.


First up will be the amazing facial sheet mask from Miss Spa. My first time using this product was in New York after a long day of hustling from show to show and after about 2 makeup touch ups my skin was feeling rough and dry. I normally will pack a quick facial mask to take on trips for a refresher for my skin and on this trip I had the facial sheet mask that exfoliates and reveal smooth skin from Miss Spa. The sheet is pre treated and very moist, they are also paraben, fragrance and artificial dye free. You will place the mask on grab a glass of wine and relax for 20mins. My skin felt amazing when I took the mask off and cleansed my face. The great thing about this product is that it can be used on all skin types and you have your choice to hydrate, brighten, exfoliate and energize your face. I was able to find these products at Walmart for $1.99 and they are worth it.

Miss Spa

Next up, would be the fabulous curl boosting jelly by Curls Unleashed. Lately I have been trying products that will enhance my natural curl pattern that I have in my hair and finally my search is over. Curl boosting jelly by Curls Unleashed is a GREAT product to use on your hair if you are looking to rock your natural curls but still want to retain moisture in your hair. I simply shampooed my hair and opened a pack of curl boosting jelly and massage the product into my hair and it was like magic I tell you! The curls were defined and I still have body and movement because the product wasn’t heavy and didn’t weigh my hair down. Love this stuff! I found these packs at my local beauty supply store for $1.99 and the packs are great for traveling as well.

Curls Unleashed

Okay, are you still with me? Great because this next product is not available for retain anymore, however I was able to purchase 3 tubes on Ebay and I felt like I won the lottery! Disaronno lip gloss is the best lip gloss I have ever had and yes I am speaking of the liquor company. A year or so ago Disaronno decided to add a lip gloss to every bottle purchased of their yummy Italian liqueur flavored with herbs and fruit for a special promotion. I found a tube in a swag bag and have been on the mad hunt for more tubes which are almost impossible to find because they don’t sell them anymore. The lip gloss is light not sticky and the shine lasts for at least 4 hours without the need to reapply! I have some high brand lip gloss that shall remain nameless that can’t compete with this product at all. Unfortunately for me I can’t seem to find anymore to purchase so if you happen to come across any more tubes please let me know. I mean really let me know I am so serious!


Finally we arrived to the last product which I received in a swag bag while in New York fashion week and couldn’t wait to try them out. Tabooze tablet cocktail infusions are so cute and can’t wait to introduce this tiny wonder to my girlfriends. The tablet itself doesn’t contain any alcohol but on the back of the package there are clear instructions on how to make your drink. I think this is a great idea and the drink was really good to my surprise. Visit for more details on how to make delicious drinks for your next party.


So there you have it I have shared all of my favorite products I am currently loving this month. If you have any products that you love to use please share with a comment below.



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All Hail the Queen…..of Macarons that is!

Macaron front page

Hello friends!

I had to write a quick post about this small piece of heaven I found here on earth aka Macaron Queen! I personally have never had the palate for macarons or so I thought until about a few months ago when I received some from Florida in a gift basket. I was so surprised to find that not only did I like them but I LOVE them! So from that first encounter I have been on the mad hunt to find the best macarons Atlanta has to offer.

Now let me retract for a moment because that was not the first time I have tried macarons I actually purchased some from a “department” store that shall remain nameless and took a bite of the most awful creation on earth. I said to myself as I tossed that hard, tasteless, expired and stale cookie in the trash “Ewww the French can’t possibly enjoy such a thing”.

Fast forward to this past Saturday when my bestie and I happened to stroll into Perimeter mall and there it stood the Macaron Queen kiosk. I was in “aww” I tell you so once I came to my senses I placed an order and took a bite of heaven I tell you! My friends they were the BEST tasting macarons I have had thus far and made fresh every day.

“A French macaron is a confectionery whose name is derived from an Italian word “maccarone” meaning paste. It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar. “

Madame Macaron who is the creator of these amazing delights studied the art of French Pastry Baking in Paris and quickly becoming the top pastry chef in the market. If you are a lover of macaroons or a connoisseur of fine desserts Macaron Queen is made for you. They have two locations with a third one on the way so stop buy and taste the best macaroons ever. Visit the locations or online

macaron stand 1                macaron stand 2

Macaron Queen Locations:

LENOX MALL KIOSK (b/w Macy’s & Armani) 3393 Peachtree Rd NE. Atlanta, GA 30326

PERIMETER MALL KIOSK (Main Entrance in Front of Michael Kors) 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30346

 COMING SOON NORTH POINT MALL KIOSK 1000 North Point Circle Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

As they say in France ”bon ap·pé·tit” and of course you can thank me later!

*SIDE NOTE The French spell Macaron with one O while here in the USA we add two O’s*




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The Perfect Mascara

isabel toledo for MAC

Happy Friday!!!

This is a quick post to tell you of this amazing mascara I have ever used…..well thus far anyway. I have very thin lashes due to the incorrect removal of my falsies when I wear them. I have tried over and over again to find the right mascara that would give me the appearance of having a great set of naturally long lashes and well my search is finally over! I know I am late on this product but oh my gosh it is soooo good and my co-workers actually thought I had on a pair of falsies!

M.A.C Toledo Vynil black mascara was sent from the heavens to people like me with thin lashes. This collection launched this spring but of course I am just now giving it a try and I am so glad that I did. I love everything from the design that was created by Isabel and Ruben Toledo to the modern twist lash tarot brush. This fabulous product is a limited edition so if you want to try it out you will have to move fast and I do mean fast. If you use mascara that you think is amazing please leave me a comment and share so I can try it out.


Toldeo 2

toldeo 3


Load up on Bamboo Spa Face Mask for the summer your skin will thank you!

Bamboo Spa Treatment Picture

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog today!

I have been on two vacations thus far and have three more planned for this year. I am loving the sun and taking in all of the beach waves and fun in the sand. We all should know by now that the skin is the largest organ we have right? Of course we do so with that said I received some goodies to try out since my last trip I really got a lot of sun. I have been trying to adapt to a good solid skin routine and at this point I am willing to try anything that will help retain my youthful appearance. 

The days of just washing my face and go are long gone and with the elements we require just a little help to maintain moisture and firmness. I really love the face masks and the pampered feeling you get when you use one. So I am super excited to try out my goodies tonight and give you a full review later this week. I also received in my bag of goodies a jar of Essence Olive Spa Experience Body Silk Cream Body Polish. Do you use a mask? If so, please do tell so I can try them out as well. Check back for full review!

Body Silk Creame


“Bring Luster to Your Lips and Shine to Your Attitude!” with Lipps by P Black

Lipps by P Black Logo

Hello Everyone!!

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of attending an intimate private event that was hosted by Paula Blackmon the owner of Lipps by P Black. Lip gloss is essential in any beauty junkie’s make up bag but not just any lip gloss we all know it has to be the RIGHT lip gloss. I for one absolutely love lip gloss, doesn’t matter the brand but it has to be great and long lasting and most important hydrating to my lips.

First can we just take a moment to read again the slogan that is listed up top? I absolutely love it!! I had the opportunity to sit down with Paula and her husband for some Q & A about Lipps by P Black keep reading below.

What inspired you to start a lip line?

As a professional hair stylist we looked for ways to enhance the complete overall look after your hair has been styled, we thought why not develop lip-gloss to accent the lips? We looked more to how we can pour into people to make them look and feel beautiful overall without taking away from the hair itself.

With all the lip-gloss brands that are among us now, how does Lipps by P Black stand out from the rest?

“First it’s ME!” says owner Paula Blackmon that this is our product, my husband and I have spent many hours researching everything from packaging to ingredients before we launched our lip-gloss line. Lipps by P Black are super pigmented moisturizing lip glosses that are designed for long time wear and contain vitamin E and it’s all natural. One of the amazing features of Lipps by P Black it that you will continue to feel the moisture and hydration even after you have removed the gloss. Our price point separates us as well because we offer our products at a fair market price which will deliver upscale quality without the upscale price.

What is next for Lipps by P Black regarding growth and products?

The official launch date of the company was December 7th 2014 and the popularity of our brand has increased so much just by word of mouth and we are looking forward to 2015 with a teen line being released this spring. We will be expanding our products to lip sticks as well but we will offer only matte lipstick because our gloss is just so amazing and the shine it provides is 2nd to none.

There is so much more to learn about this company and the products that PBlack offers. Please visit the website to view all of the colors. I love this product and I have been using it every day sweetie pie is my ultimate favorite but the glosses come in a ton of gorgeous colors. I am looking forward to what other colors and products that will be released by Lipps by P Black. You can order your own lippies from the website and check me out on the site!!!!

About Paula Blackmon

Paula Blackmon: licensed stylist and licensed educator, has been in the professional styling industry for a combined 24 years. Today she is still a force behind the chair and has won several awards as an educator at one of Atlanta’s leading beauty schools. Paula is the founder of “PBlack Hair Studio” a stylist development company and “Lipps by PBlack” a premier lip gloss line that brings luster to your “lipps” and shine to your attitude.

Paula consistently provides the finest and most current beauty services and continuing education opportunities. Her reputation soared from always having the edge on trendsetting hair techniques and designs.


Paula Blackmon

Paula Blackmon

PBlack Lippies

Ursula in Sweetie Pie

Paula and Hubby

Lipps by P black step and repeat

Ursula in Sweetie gloss