NYFW Invite….hurry there’s still time!



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New York Fashion Week Is Coming!!!!!!!!

New York Fashion Week


Happy Tuesday and Welcome September!

You already know what this post is about right??? You guessed it NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2016!

I am very excited to be attending NYFW in September because I have always attended in February where old man winter was hmmmm not so nice so to be there in warmer weather is exciting. I honestly didn’t have any plans to attend this year however a good friend of mine was like “let’s go”! I was still debating if I wanted to go because I wasn’t prepared for this season, I didn’t send out any requests for invites and my wardrobe was not NYFW ready to say the least. I begin to get my thoughts together and see how I could make this work so I started thinking to myself….”wait a min you HAVE to go this year this is a moment in history for you”!

My first NYFW attendance was the last time the shows were in the tents at Bryant Park, my second NYFW attendance was the first year that they were showing at Lincoln Center and now this year will be the first time showing in downtown in two new spaces Skylight at Moynihan and Skylight Clarkson Square. Now I tell you this was not planned but wow what a moment in history for me will this be because of the many “firsts” I have experienced at NYFW. I have managed to score some invites to shows that will be at the Skylight but I am more excited to be in attendance of some shows that will showcase emerging designers since my PR firm specializes in representing fresh new talent.

I am also looking forward to the street styles that will drape the sidewalks and turn them into catwalks right in the heart of things. I will be tweeting and putting pictures up on Instagram so stay tuned to all my social media accounts to get a glimpse of what’s going on during NYFW 2016. I have posted some pictures from Bryant Park and Lincoln Center and can’t wait to post new pictures of Skylight. If you can’t make it up to NY to be in the hustle and bustle then you can enjoy the shows live by following www.newyorkfashionweeklive.com you will have the best seat in the house.




“Do Good. Be Dope. Stay Fly. Live Different.”


Bryant Park Tent Bryant Park Tent 2 Me Fashion Week TB Lincoln Center Shot Lincoln Center Shot 2 Monique Lhuillier Show General Idea Collection Callula Lillibelle Collection

Silhouette Public Relations Proudly Announces…….

We have great news to share from Silhouette Public Relations!

T-shirts and bags

We are truly pleased with the progression of our website and our commitment to give back. We are super excited about the online launch of our T-Shirts and Tote Bag for charity program. This week you can visit our online section on our website and purchase our T-Shirts and Tote Bag to benefit St Jude Children’s Hospital. This has been something on our “to do” list for some time now and with the help of a great team working together behind the scene it’s a reality.

Non-profit Charities and other organizations are so important to our society. They create programs and services that greatly benefit the general public and those who are in need. Part of the proceeds from each item sold will be donated to our charity of choice which is St. Jude Children’s Hospital. If you would like to purchase your tote or t-shirt today please send an email to Info@silhouetteprm.com to place your order.

Tote Bag and Tee



As always, thank you in advance for your support!

Ursula Hodge
Silhouette Public Relations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-Welcome to our new website!

Silhouette press logo

Welcome to our new website!

Georgia, Atlanta, January 5th 2015 -Silhouette Public Relations & Management is pleased to announce today the launch of its newly revamped website. After weeks of brainstorming and months of hard work our new site was designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, social media integration and mobile ready version as well. The new website goes live today, January 5th 2015 and is located at the same address: http://www.silhouetteprm.com

“We are so excited about our new website launch and the clean uncluttered design”, said CEO Ursula Hodge of Silhouette Public Relations & Management. “The redesigned website has a new look and improved functionality for easier and more engaging experience for visitors and our clients.” A few pages are still in progress, but visit the site frequently as more content will become available.

A special thanks to Tawana Randall (http://tawanarandall.com) for the website!

About Silhouette Public Relations & Management
Based in Atlanta Georgia, Silhouette Inc is a rapidly growing fashion public relations firm specializing in emerging designers and businesses in the fashion industry. At Silhouette Inc. we understand that exposure through all facets of media and business management is crucial to a brand’s success and most importantly survival. We search high and low for emerging design clients as well as established businesses who would like to gain more exposure for their company and their brand.

Ursula Hodge
CEO / President of Public Relations | Silhouette Public Relations & Management
678-463-8519 business line | ursula@silhouetteprm.com
We Are the Silhouette of Your Success

Who’s got a Sweet Tooth? Then SugaSweet Organics Cosmetics is for you.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

“Glasses in the air…..and “clink” we made it!!!!”

On (December 11, 2014) I was cordially invited to attend a private media meet and greet with SugaSweet Organics CEO Sondria Robinson where she introduced her new cosmetic line SugaSweet Organics. I was excited to receive the invite from SugaSweet’s PR firm PrPrimas http://www.prprimas.com to come out and have an intimate Q & A session with SugaSweet Organics. Upon arrival to the event which was located in the Microsoft store in Lenox mall, I was quickly greeted by PrPrimas CEO Sheen Wilder with a warm welcome and with excitement introduce me to CEO Sondria Robinson.

If you have never heard of SugaSweet Cosmetics then you are in luck because the fully functional website just went live at 12am so visit http://thesugasweetcosmetics.squarespace.com/ to view all of the amazing products this cosmetic line has to offer. This is not your typical cosmetic line because “All of our products are measured, made by hand and packaged to insure the natural combination of ingredients come together for a complete presentation and experience”-SugaSweetOrganics.com
SugaSweet Organics was created by CEO Sondria Robinson when she was just sixteen years old and believe that “every woman deserves to be beautiful, naturally” and from that idea she has created a unique brand of products that has been created with all ethnicities in mind.

I was impressed by the products, the packaging and was even gifted with my very own “Chocolatte” gloss which I can’t wait to try out. If you are free this evening then you would want to RSVP for the official Launch of SugaSweet Organics tonight! Details below of the launch which is going to be epic in the mind of “Willy Wonka meets Candy Land” so hurry and RSVP! Oh yeah did I mention that this event will be televised!!!

Ceo Sondria Robinson wearing Applemytini

Ceo Sondria Robinson wearing Applemytini

Suga Sweet Cinnamon toast Crunch Bronzer

SugaSweet Chocolatte lippie

SugaSweet Invite

CEO Sondria Robinson


SugaSweet Logo

Hyundai Smarter Living Campaign Rolls into Atlanta!

Logo Hyundai

Hello Everyone!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

Well last night I had the pleasure of attending the Hyundai smarter living event that was held at the prestigious and beautifully landscaped The Estate in Buckhead. The once privately own property at 3109 Piedmont Road was the perfect location for this event. The charm of the historical house nestled in the woods was truly a diamond that was hidden in plain sight.

Atlanta was the first stop for this campaign and in my opinion Atlanta provided the perfect backdrop to kick off this inspiring event and the revealing of the newly-designed 2015 Sonata. This event was pulling double duty because it also gave a platform for Atlanta’s femme-fatale sector and to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of everyday women.

The five influential panelists of women present in Atlanta were Shanti Das, Marshawn Evans, Myleik Teele Rashan Ali and Christine White who were openly candid about how they got their start in their preferred occupation and some major mistakes that were made along the way. I do encourage you to Google each and every one of those inspiring women or better yet visit http://www.hyundaismarter.com/ to watch videos of each and to learn more about their story.

The Garner Circle http://www.thegarnercircle.com/ who is a well-established and respected Public Relations firm in Atlanta put the magic touch on this event and believe it or not brought the entire city out to this event as they always do. The patrons came well dressed in their finest cocktail attire and were looking amazing. We were also blessed by seven-time Grammy-nominated American R&B singer–songwriter Kelly Price who belted out three of her hits.

This night was magical and chic and I am so glad that I was able to be in attendance. Below are some of my favorite quotes from the women on the panel that encouraged me to continue and never lose sight of my dreams. Again, check out http://www.hyundaismarter.com/ post a selfie and you could win some amazing prizes, learn more about the panelist and don’t forget to stop by a Hyundai dealership and test drive the amazing 2015 Hyundai Sonata. Check out the pictures and favorite quotes from the night.

Marshawn Evans: Listen to your inner voice, God never fails you.

Myleik Teele: Do not just have one channel of income.

Rashan Ali: I have a great village that supports me…create your village.

Shanti Das: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…know your worth.

Christine White: Don’t shy away from the unknown you are capable of handling it.

The Panelist

The Panelist

Amazing Women

Amazing Women

Hyundai Beautiful Chandeliers

The Interior of The Estate

The Interior of The Estate

Open Bar

Open Bar

Kelly Price

Kelly Price

Shirt- LoLa Skirt-INC Shoes-Steve Madden

Shirt- LoLa Skirt-INC Shoes-Steve Madden



Selfie Cam with Blogger Shay of J'Chanet

Selfie Cam with Blogger Shay of J’Chanet

2015 Sonata-NICE!!

2015 Sonata-NICE!!



Great Event!!


Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta was the Kick I needed!!

Bloggy Boot camp logo

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for checking in with me and visiting my blog today I really appreciate you. My gosh where should I start so on Saturday October 11, 2014 I attended my first “Bloggy Boot Camp” that was organized by SITSGirls ( http://www.thesitsgirls.com ) and I had no idea of what I was about to experience that day. I will start off by saying that this was the best investment I have made thus far for myself as I journey into this wonderful world of blogging. The information that was given within this 8 hour course was almost indescribable to say the least.

Now I will say that yes blogging has taken this world by storm and just about everyone has a blog or is working on starting a blog and for that I congratulate you. The expectations I had for attending this event was to come out a better blogger and learn small tricks of the trade so that I can take my blog to another level. I left this boot camp with a true identity, a plan to execute, sisterhood and a plethora of information that will guide my blog to achieve all my goals and become very lucrative.

Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta covered so many things that I thought the best way to write this post would be to highlight some of the information that was shared by using bullet points in my post. The information that was shared not only by the organizers Tiffany Romero and Francesca Banducci but the four person expert panel provided information that was priceless, at times I felt overwhelmed but in a great way. All of the speakers were amazing to say the least and even some bloggers that have been honing their craft for years shared valuable insight as well. I was so honored that I was among so many great women because the event was sold out and I just made it off the wait list to attend!

This post could easily become a 15 page read I tell you!!!! As I sit here and type I am still trying to wrap my mind around everything that I have learned and it’s still moving at the speed of light. Okay, take a deep breath and here we go:

•Social Media platforms are super important so if you don’t know how to use it…..LEARN! Also make it easy to follow you.

•Marketing and crafting content and best networks for your brand- No wonder brands don’t work with me…my site SUCKS! That’s what I was thinking but now I know how to correct that problem!

•You have to know your worth- This friends is an understatement.

•Invest in your brand and yourself. Start envisioning your success NOW!

•Where you put your attention is where you will get your results- NO explanation needed here folks.

•How to properly do a Give Away- One of my favorite topics and I will doing one very soon so check back often if not daily to my blog. 🙂

That is just a sample because after all this was an 8 hour course so there is no way I can share everything that was taught, however I will say that you NEED to attend the next Bloggy Boot Camp if you want to take your business to greater heights. This boot camp was everything and worth every dime because after all the information in my opinion was priceless. The venue was a great choice indeed you can’t go wrong at the Doubletree Hotel because yes every time I walked passed check-in I got a warm cookie. I met some amazing women from all walks of life and yes I did what I was asked and did create my own tribe. There were many statements and affirmations that were made but this one… ” Know Your End Game” keeps playing over and over in my mind.

Again, I will highly recommend attending this boot camp if you have the opportunity to. I listed some tips in case you do attend a Bloggy Boot Camp.

Tips for attending Bloggy Boot Camp:

Dress comfortably
Bring extra, extra business cards
Taking notes on a laptop that will be so much easier and faster for you than trying to write down information the sessions move fast
If you have a small tape recorder bring that along as well.
Bring a camera and last but not least…MAKE NEW FRIENDS!

I had an amazing time so please check out http://www.thesitsgirls.com and don’t try but DO attend the next boot camp if you can. You will not be disappointed! Check out some of the pictures below:

Glasses: Coach Jeans: New York & Co. Sweater: Kohl's Shoes: Jessica Simpson Belt: Hermes

Glasses: Coach Jeans: New York & Co. Sweater: Kohl’s Shoes: Jessica Simpson Belt: Hermes

Packed House! Room full of awesome women & a couple of guys!

Packed House! Room full of awesome women & a couple of guys!

Best Panel Ever!! Elizabeth Rasberry, Kristen Stewart,  Allison Gonzalez, Stephanie Bingham

Best Panel Ever!!
Elizabeth Rasberry, Kristen Stewart, Allison Gonzalez, Stephanie Bingham

Personal Black Box provided us with lunch that was AMAZING!

Personal Black Box provided us with lunch that was AMAZING!

Me and Tiffany Romero. She is amazing and such an inspiration.

Me and Tiffany Romero. She is amazing and such an inspiration.

Party Time!!!!!!

Learning is over, time to party!! Top: Old Navy Pants: INC Shoes: Michael Kors

Learning is over, time to party!!
Top: Old Navy Pants: INC Shoes: Michael Kors

David Mirassou is the coolest guy ever! He is the owner of Mirassou Wine....one of the sponsors.

David Mirassou is the coolest guy ever! He is the owner of Mirassou Wine….one of the sponsors.



My original "Tribe" member, confidant & fellow blogger Shay of J'Chanet

My original “Tribe” member, confidant & fellow blogger Shay of J’Chanet

mmmmm can't get enough of this Mirassou  Moscato Wine

mmmmm can’t get enough of this Mirassou Moscato Wine

What a PARTY!!!!!

What a PARTY!!!!!

I had a great time, learned a lot and made new friends! What a ride!!!!!!