Glam Girlfriend/ Guy Friend Gift Guide 2015 #2

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Hello ( Waving ) !!!

Well we have a little over two weeks to go before Christmas! I haven’t even started to shop for gifts for family and a friend as this is the norm for me. I will say that the sales that I have noticed are really good so that’s why I am holding out….I guess. Well as promised here is the second installment of gift ideas for you and I hope this list will help in your gift selection.

You will find below the second gift list of 2015!

I have some friends that are true Tea enthusiast and love their tea and enjoy it daily. So for the tea lover in your life I found this adorable Juliet 5 Piece Teapot set perfect for two.  This set is made of clear glass as well as the 2 teacups and 2 saucers that come with the set. You can also purchase additional cups and saucers if need be. This gift retails for $38.00 on



Teapot Set


If you have someone who loves the beauty of a Betta fish aka Siamese fighting fish then this next gift will be great for them. I think this is the so cute for the office or to display in your home. This fish tank is made from crystal glass with painted metal finish and opening on top for feeding. This Hanging Fish Tank gift retails for $40.00 on


Hanging Fish Tanks


I personally will be purchasing this gift for myself since I occasionally suffer from migraines. The weather here in Atlanta can be tricky and our seasonal changes can be hard on people with sinuses so this gift will ease that discomfort as well. This cap provides 100 percent all-natural aromatherapy, filled with 12 healing herbs. You have the options of using hot or cold or even a combination of hot and cold therapies. This Herbal Sinus & Migraine Cap gift retails for $40.00 on


Herbal sinus cap


Aromatherapy is all the rage right now for easing stress and tension with the art of smell. This Travel Aromatherapy Diffuser is an absolute must for the traveler in your life. You can now enjoy your favorite scented oils on vacation or in the office. It diffuses scented oil without the use of heat by using ultrasonic vapor technology-no heat or flames. This gift retails for $49.99 on




And finally rounding off this list will be a great gift for the wine lover in your life. I found myself at a few summer outdoor concerts this year and of course you can’t have a picnic without wine right? I am so in love with this Picnic at Ascot London Sunset Wine Carrier and this will be added to my wish list. This gift contains two glasses, napkins and combination corkscrew perfect for a night out under the stars. This gift retails for $39.00 on


Wine carrier




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Glam Girlfriend/ Guy Friend Gift Guide 2015 #1

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Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends and by now you have discarded anything that was prepared on Thanksgiving Day. I personally can’t consume another morsel of anything related to the meal I had last week. So now today is the first day of December! Can you believe it, gosh this year has passed by so fast but it has been a great ride.

Now that we are well into the holiday season and if you follow my blog then you know I will do several posts on where to find the hottest gifts for the fabulous Gal or Guy friend in your life.

You will find below my first gift list of 2015 and I hope my list will help you when you are trying to find a great gift for your friends.


First up will be this cute Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag Bowl that will display your treats with the appearance of….being in a baggie. I think it will add elegance to any décor and will throw your guest off when they reach in and touch glass. This gift retails for $16.50 on  but you might can find it a couple of dollars less if you look around.

Glass Baggie Bowl

This next gift is great for the “saver” in your life who loves to stash away their coins. This Parfum Bottle Coin bank makes saving look oh so chic. The bank is crafted of ceramic and finished with a metallic gold hue. I think this will be the perfect bank for the fashionista in your life. This gift retails for $19.94 on




We all have that health nut in our lives and depending on the month I am one of them as well. You can brew hot or cold coffee or tea in this cute pitcher. Want to make infuse water for the family then simply add fruit to the infuser basket and place it inside the pitcher and fill with the liquid of your choice. I think I will add this to my list as well….love this. This gift retails for an average of $29.99 on


Primula Infuse Pitcher

This next gift is just adorable and if you have any friends that are obessed with makeup then this gift is for them! This lamp will accent any powder room or office desk with a “girly” feel. This product was found in Target, however they are no longer available but if you search around I am sure you will be able to locate one. The retail price for this lamp was $24.99 at Target and Walmart.


Lipstick lamp

And finally rounding off this list will be a great gift for the world traveler in your life. The Fashion Insider’s Guide to Paris or New York guide book. These books are carefully curated compendiums of the current hotspots, and hidden gems of these two amazing cities. Carole Sabas a French Vogue correspondent is the brain child behind these informative books who often gave advice to colleagues on their way to Paris for Fashion week. This gift retails for $$19.16 on but I am sure that you can find them cheaper.

Fashion Insider guide to Paris and New york


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen I hope that this gift guide has sparked new ideas for your gift giving. Please check back often because I will post two more wonderful lists before Christmas.




“Do Good. Be Dope. Stay Fly. Live Different”