Silhouette Public Relations

Bio: Based in Atlanta Georgia, Silhouette Inc is a rapidly growing fashion public relations firm specializing in emerging designers and businesses in the fashion industry. At Silhouette Inc. we understand that exposure through all facets of media and business management is crucial to a brand’s success and most importantly survival. We search high and low for emerging design clients as well as established businesses who would like to gain more exposure for there company and there brand. Silhouette Inc offers the luxury of having a great Public Relations firm behind you that stays within your budget. We keep your brand ahead of the curve by diligently working to develop, maintain and utilize relationships with key editors, bloggers, stylists, sponsors, and other influential industry members. We also manage daily business functions to keep your brand organized and professional. Silhouette Inc. represent the extension of your brand, we firmly stand behind you because we are your brand. We are the “Silhouette” of your success!

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  1. Richard M says:

    Dear Ursula; Your blog is a work of art. I commend you for your fine work and I just want to add that you carry yourself with discipline and elegance which is a rare and attractive combination and whoever your significant other is, he is truly a lucky guy. Take care and i wish you well.

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