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I hope today was awesome for you as it was for me. I was reading one of my favorite blogs from Lifestyle Blogger Tammie Reed and this post really inspired me. It was like a breath of fresh air to my suffocating soul and awakened a fire that I thought life had stomped out. I reached out to Tammie and ask if I could share her amazing post with my friends. I hope you enjoy her heartfelt entry and perhaps someone who is on the verge of giving up on their dreams find her words comforting and inspiring enough to keep moving forward……I know I did.


I will be the first person to tell you that I do not take direction well, love to be alone, like to work in small groups(if any at all) and I pretty much am a self-starter. Since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to create my own destiny. Pretty much all of my adult life, I have always worked for myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times that I thought to myself, “boy do I need to just go and punch a clock and get that check and full benefits” but then for some strange reason, I figure it out. I am what you call a real Renaissance Woman!

I knew when I decided that I wanted to get married and have kids, that I would be a stay-at-home mom. I have witnessed and seen and heard many horror stories dealing with children and I just didn’t want my kids to be in a daycare or with a nanny, so I thought long and hard on what I could do to make some type of money while my kids were small. It was NOT easy, I will say that. Thank God my husband was very supportive of me and my dreams and makes a decent living but I always felt a bit guilty not having my own money. When I had Dootie and Pootie, I was back in school full-time earning my degree. It was very tough for me but I knew that it would pay off in the end, that it did.

That’s when my husband and I decided to leave our hometown and head south for new beginnings. Pootie was starting kindergarten and Dootie was in third grade, I was ready to get back to work in corporate or something but it was extremely challenging for me because I was in my mid 30′s at the time. Nobody was checking for a middle-age mom of two. I had panic attacks and went in depression for a bit because I felt like my Bachelors degree I had obtained was in vain. Thats when I started thinking of things I could do online that could make extra money to at least take some of the slack off of my husband. Mind you, I had previously owned a full-service nail salon and I was use to having my own money. I hated to ask my husband for anything although he was always willing to give me anything I needed.

Blogging was just kicking off but I was still doing my tv show but fell into it a few years later. I pretty much created Talking With Tami and the brand and found away to make money at it all. Till this day, I still have ups and downs with my own business but its always been steady. I would get frustrated just as a lot of other bloggers that I chatted with but one thing is for sure, I was always consistent with my craft! Now its been a breeze for me and very rewarding but I do look back at how it all came together.

It was NOT an easy road at all, trust me! I’ve always been a saver and a few times when my husband got sick or whatever the reason, I have stepped up to pay ALL the bills while his truck was down or he was sick. My husband is self-employed as well and it can be very frightening because if one of us falls and break a leg or arm, I just don’t know! When it’s good in the blogging world, its REALLY good but it can have slow times as well. My husband’s trucking business is the same way and when you guys see the fuel prices go up and down, that effects our household tremendously. With prayer and good management skills, we have been able to provide for our family and live a pretty decent lifestyle. I am very grateful for being able to have a job that I truly love and have fun at!

I would be miserable at a dead-end job that I can’t be creative in. I have had jobs as a: McDonalds cashier, Certified Nurses Aid, Housing Code Complaint Secretary, Kinney Wallcovering Customer Service Rep(worst job ever), Federal Government Advance Parole Agent, Nail Salon Owner, Teacher’s Aid, Publicist and now Professional Lifestyle Blogger. With all those jobs and experiences over the years, I learned a lot but I hated each and every one of them! Some of them paid extremely well. I did love owning my own nail salon though, but the hours were brutal. Those twelve hour days were NO joke!

So now over the years at this blogging thing, I am blessed to spend a lot of time with my kids, be here when they get home from school, I can work my own hours, do chores and run errands and still keep a smile on my face! Be in control of your own destiny people, step out on faith. But wait…I’m also not telling you to quit your job tomorrow lol. Take baby steps and surround yourself with likeness, have a positive attitude, ask God for guidance and you will see it manifest. I was a 35 year-old intern working at a cable access tv show with NO pay, who would have ever known it would lead to this! Money will come in due time if you stay diligent! Stay blessed, till next time! xoxo


My Little White Dress…..

Over the weekend I also attended yet another ill planned, unorganized, unprofessional event named FNO ATL Fashion Icon Awards. This event was so horrific that I didn’t even stay to watch the actual fashion show….I guess if there was going to be one. I attended this event with fellow blogger J ‘Chanet and after the performance of some unknown potty mouthed wanna be female rapper, we decided to cut our losses and head “to the left to the left”.

**Update** I just received a phone call from one of my colleagues who has filed the paperwork to the rights for the name and will head up the event next year with an entire new professional staff! You know I will be on the board so I am once again excited about this event and I know next year it will be perfect.

I wasted a perfectly good look as well. Check out what I wore this weekend & give me some feedback!!

Dress: French Connection Shoes: Jessica Simpson Bag: Steve Madden Sunnies: Tahari

Dress: French Connection
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Steve Madden
Sunnies: Tahari

Pants: INC Shirt: Pleione @Nordstroms Bag: LV  Shoes: BCBG SunniesTahari

Pants: INC
Shirt: Pleione @Nordstroms
Bag: LV
Shoes: BCBG


Playwright-Kinnik Sky presents: Three Time Award-Winning Production “Sunday Mourning”

Kinnik sky sunday morning

I am excited about the return of this award winning production to the Atlanta area titled “Sunday Mourning”. I had the pleasure of viewing this amazing theatrical performance last year. You do not want to miss this event that will move you to tears and make your side hurt with laughter and it just might change your life completely. Read below the press release to learn more so grab your family and friends and come out to view “Sunday Mourning”.

Three Time Award-Winning Production Returns to Atlanta and Los Angeles

“Sunday Mourning,” an NAACP-award winning theatrical production, returns to the stage for two weekends this fall. Written by first-time playwright and former “American Idol” finalist Kinnik Sky, “Sunday Mourning” first returns to Atlanta for one weekend at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center, Sept. 5-7, then moves on to Los Angeles for shows at the Nate Holden Performing Art Center .

“Many great things have happened since I staged that first show in Los Angeles in 2011. “After two years of successful runs in Hollywood, I had the opportunity to take the play to Atlanta under my production company Dazzal Mi Entertainment where we sold out the theater. Now we’re back in the Big Peach, and thanks to Marquis Boone Enterprise, we will stage five shows,” says Sky, who met Boone, when she lived in Atlanta.

“After seeing the play himself, he decided that as many people as possible needed to see this show and wanted to know what it would take to bring it back to Atlanta,” Sky remembers. Boone, an Amazon best-selling author, is a spiritual adviser and mentor to a host of celebrities and pastor of the emerging Fresh Start church in Duluth, Ga. He joined forces with Sky’s Dazzal Mi Entertainment to present a new version of “Sunday Mourning.” This time the show is directed by Nic Few, who holds an masters of fine arts in acting and directing from Brown University. The L.A. Times described him as “one to watch.” The cast features accomplished and award-winning stage, film and television actors Amin Joseph, Rhonda Morman, Roger Payano, Syr Law, Tabitha Brown and Jerrel O’Neal.

“Sunday Mourning” explores the question: if the person in your life does not accelerate your destiny, could that really be who God intends for you?

The Atlanta production returns with an 8 p.m. curtain on Sept. 5 and is followed by 3 and 8 p.m. shows on Sept. 6 along with 2 and 7 p.m. shows on Sept 7. Back in Los Angeles, Wells Fargo joins Dazzal Mi Entertainment to present “Sunday Mourning” as the official opener for the 2014 NAACP Theater Awards weekend. The preview of this dramedy is Sept. 11 at 8 p.m.; opening night is Sept. 12 at 8 p.m.; followed by 8 p.m. shows on Sept. 13 and 14. “I am so excited and blessed to be returning to the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP Theatre Awards. I am also humbled that they chose to showcase my inaugural production during their 24th annual theatre award weekend,” said Sky, whose production was nominated for seven NAACP Theater Awards in 2012 including Best Playwright. The show went on to win Best Supporting female and male awards. Sky, herself, collected the Best Female Lead honor.

Noted producer Tracey Edmonds says, “The first word that comes to mind when asked to describe Sunday Mourning the Stage Play is superb. It is wonderfully executed and deserving of top accolades. As a producer, I am asked to view many projects. Every now and then a wonderful surprise like ‘Sunday Mourning’ will cross my path, and I’m forced to take notice. To Sunday Mourning I say ‘job well done.’ How can I be a part of the ‘Sunday Mourning’ movement?” For many, becoming a part of the movement will be an amazing opportunity. I’m a believer, and I can confidently say after experiencing this production, you will be too.”

Actress Meagan Goode and her husband, DeVon Franklin, senior vice president of production at Columbia Pictures, advise: “Make room in your heart and mind to experience a new thing. ‘Sunday Mourning’ is not a show that you want to miss. Brace yourself, we guarantee it’s going to move you.” Actor Flex Alexander and his wife R & B singer Shanice Wilson says add their own praises: “‘Sunday Mourning’ is not like anything that you would ever expect. It’s simply amazing.”
But the show’s creator is without a doubt looking at the big picture. “There are definitely plans for film and a Broadway run,” said Sky.

In Los Angeles, Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group will host a “Touch the Sky” event on Sept. 8 to introduce their high net worth clients in the Hollywood community to Kinnik Sky as the up-and-coming new playwright/producer. For additional information, contact the company at

RagTrade Presents: Bauder College Best of the Best 2014

Happy Monday!

I hope that this blog entry finds everyone as fabulous as the last time you checked in to see what’s going on with Silhouette. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending Bauder College Senior fashion designers showcase at the fabulous W Hotel Atlanta-Buckhead grand ballroom. There were eleven designers that gave us their best designs which sent my fashion radar into overdrive. The designs had every element of colors, textures, feathers, silks and stones one could imagine using to create great signature pieces. There was so much going on and I was taking notes as fast as I could while trying to keep my eyes on the next fantastic piece to strut down the runway. Below is a recap of some of the designers and what they presented at this well organized event.

Lealer Ann- “Elegance at a Glance”-Floral theme, light free flowing garments, classic garments.

Brittany Sanders- “Ensemble Inheritance”- plunging necklines, silk & leather, jewels everywhere.

Randy Gary-“Tribal Chic”- long trains, dramatic, well designed, African royalty.

Tim Scott-“Silent Generation”-Clean cut neutrals, classic, soft free flowing garments, timeless.

Tim Scott was also the winner of the 2014 Best Designer Award which he truly deserved! Kudos Tim!

This event was the best one that I attended this weekend. Please be sure to check out “Weekend Rewind” to get the good, bad and the are you serious? Check out below some pictures from the show below and a quick few pictures of what I wore.

ragtrade program

ragtrade pic 2nd

Ragtrade pic 3rd

Shirt-Pleione @Nordstroms Pants-INC Shoes-BCBG Sunnies-Salvatore Ferragamo Earrings-Betsey Johnson

Shirt-Pleione @Nordstroms
Sunnies-Salvatore Ferragamo
Earrings-Betsey Johnson

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday!!!

We should all be settled in and ready for a productive work week right? I know who am I kidding with a statement like that? Well this weekend was really great I had the chance to hang out with one of my BFF’s and we had a super time. Our first stop was Dip N’ Dab-BYOB Painting at their new location 549 Amsterdam Ave Avenue Atlanta 30306. We had an amazing time sipping wine and bonding with other ladies who were there to get drunk and paint in that order. This was my second but surely not my last time attending one of these sip and paint events. If you are looking for a great fun time together for your friends I would highly recommend an outing such as this. You can bring in your own wine or champagne there were a few popping bottles and lite bites to nibble while you create your masterpiece. The price was great and the experience of seeing how artsy your friends are will be really entertaining.

The next stop was Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint and oh my what a great place this is!! This was my second time dining at this fabulous restaurant where the food is delicious and the moonshine is always flowing. I really think I am doing a disservice to this fine establishment and will have to do a full review later because yes it deserves a full write up. My BFF and I ordered the same dish we both had the Jambalaya pasta and it was perfection. We also had the drink special which was called…stay with me here…”Shine-gria” which was their own twist on the normal sangria however made with moonshine. That drink was not for first time drinkers I will tell you that and oh please don’t even think about eating the blueberries at the bottom because they have been soaking in moonshine for days and carries a ridiculous punch after you consume them. I highly recommend that you dine at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint you will not be disappointed.

I also rocked my overalls (Target) this weekend and thought I looked quite stylish paired with my bedazzled converse, nails painted with my Rouge Christian Louboutin nail lacquer, my favorite Fiore bag and my Saks label sunnies. I hope my great weekend only paved the way for a great week to come!!

Love my overalls!

Love my overalls!

Jambalaya Pasta-Yummy

Jambalaya Pasta-Yummy

This drink WOW! "Shine-gria"

This drink WOW!

My version of Black nice ya'll

My version of Black Horse…be nice ya’ll

Don't eat the blueberries! WOW!!!!

Don’t eat the blueberries! WOW!!!!


Product Review: “Seeing Red & I love it”-Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Lacquer

louboutin logo and hand

“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams”-Robin Leach

I am very excited!!! I finally took the plunge and forked over $50.00 to get my very own bottle of Rouge Louboutin and it’s worth every penny. I posted about my not so nice encounter at the Dior beauty event yesterday so as I huffed off from that disaster I wondered through the shoe department at Saks Atlanta. Ok truth is the harmonic humming sound that was coming from the Louboutins actually caught my attention and apparently my entire body and common sense fell under the spell as well.
I was excited when I first heard that Louboutin was going to launch a beauty brand and knew that whatever he has for sale…..I NEED IT!! The first product to launch that of course everyone has seen by now the Rouge Louboutin nail lacquer. In September will be next launch introducing a set of about 30 more nail polishes that will be release which will include bright colors, nudes and noirs. The bottle in itself is made out of heavy cut glass with an outlandish brush/handle makes it all the more glamorous.

The new lacquers that are set to release will be in beautiful bottles as well but will have different handles that will represent each collection. I think the nail lacquers will become a collectors piece to say the least so dolls save your pennies because your vanity awaits its arrival. I love the color and the glide and the nail polish has a very high gloss to it so no topcoat needed. I am the world’s worst nail polisher so the picture below was one of my better attempts so be nice about it. 

I also got wind that Mr. Louboutin himself will make an appearance in Atlanta in September at the grand opening of his store in Buckhead and hopefully he will bring many pairs of his Pigalle #120 nude pumps that I am so patiently waiting on every wait list from here to New York to receive. We all love trinkets and this is a must have for the Louboutin lovers all over the world.

Love the Spring colors

Love the Spring colors

Love the dark colors

Love the dark colors



Louboutin nails  and my hands

Event Rewind: Parisian Dior Beauty Boutique at Saks Atlanta

Its Friday…glasses in the air….”clink” we made it!!!!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an event that was hosted by Alliance Françoise d’ Atlanta at the brand new Dior beauty boutique located inside of the prestigious Saks Atlanta. I arrived around 7:00pm and was immediately greeted by a smiling face and a glass of champagne and escorted to an empty seat to wait for the next available Dior resident artists to give me an overview of new products. After 20mins of eating chocolate covered strawberries and sipping cheap champagne I was still waiting for someone….anyone to acknowledge me. It was painfully clear to me that I was not seen as a potential patron and my feeling of dopamine for Dior was quickly fading faster than Ciara’s engagement.

I have been a true fan of Dior products for many years however the treatment I received yesterday at the Dior beauty boutique event left a very bad taste in my mouth as well as the cheap Andre champagne that was served….ok that was shade but whatever. Ok so let me get to the good things about this event and oh yes a huge THANK YOU to the manager Mehnyr who after receiving my complaints put a band-aid on my bruised ego with a bag full of goodies.

Dior has some amazing products coming out everything from hypnotizing home infusion oils to the flirty fall colors of nail polish. The boutique itself is very nice, posh and intriguing and has plenty to offer the diehard Dior customer. The “bewitching lips” as they playfully refer to their lip line was filled with enchanting colors for the upcoming autumn date nights. The Dior boutique itself is very nice but the Dior resident artists could use a refresher course in customer service or better yet just replace them with YouTube make up tutorial girls….they do a way better job and have personalities for days. MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Love the new colors

Love the new colors

The oils are amazing

The oils are amazing



dior lite bites second