Givenchy Spring Summer 2016 Womenswear-4 Looks I Love!

Fashion Week in New York is Everything!

So if you are in fashion I know you have heard that Givenchy gave away free tickets to view the spring summer 2016 collection in New York. I my friends was not one of the lucky %$#@ chosen however I wanted to post my favorite looks that I love from this collection. Now out of the 88 looks presented this was a difficult task, however I manage to pull out 4 to keep with my theme. If you have a chance you would want to view the entire collection because it is something to see. Check back for more of my “4 Looks I Love” from my favorite designers.

Givenchy 2 Givenchy 4 Givenchy Spring Summer 2016 Screenshot_2015-09-12-14-20-35-1

*Pictures Courtesy of GPSRadar*



“Do Good. Be Dope. Stay Fly. Live Different “


25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Ursula cartoon

Happy Monday! Thank you so much for stopping by today and checking out my blog. I thought to myself…self why not start off the week with some fun facts about yourself to share with your followers. I can actually share way more than 25 things about myself but I figure I wouldn’t bore you.

1. I get teased a lot by my gal pals because I have never died my hair.
2. I am a serious sloppy neat freak.
3. I love roller coasters! The higher and faster the better!
4. I still mourn my grandmother’s death after 12years. I loved that lady with all my heart.
5. I can put my foot to my mouth and in my mouth….literally. I dry my toe nails by blowing on them.
6. I am terrified of any animal that is slimy…including men!
7. I am a chronic nail biter. I hate that!!
8. My favorite movie is The Wiz and can sing every song word for word. “Slide some oil to me”.
9. I make amazing garlic green beans.
10. My favorite color is green…obviously
11. I don’t have any tattoos. I had a belly button piercing but no tattoos.
12. I am addicted to baby oil gel….any brand. I love for my body to be greasy and smooth.
13. I cry easily….very sensitive
14. I curse like a sailor when I get angry & drunk. So un-lady like I know…work in progress
15. I love the smell of a cigar when a smoker first lights it up.
16. I despise a liar!!!
17. I love hard and can’t let go easily.
18. I am self-conscience about my body…especially my ass.
19. I am my mother’s youngest child and my father’s oldest.
20. I set fire to my mother’s house at 15yrs old cooking French fries and accidentally fell asleep.
21. I’m obsessed with making lists.
22. I love food that is made with yellow curry.
23. I played the violin in middle school.
24. My dream job was to be a pilot. I had two strikes against me, bad at math and bad vision.
25. My love of my life is my amazing 9yr old daughter Janiya who blessed me on Thanksgiving day 2005 with her presences.

Welp there you have it now you know a little more about me than you probably cared to know! LOL

Have a GREAT week!!


15 Days to Paradise!

Puerto Rico Flag

15 More Days!!!!!!!!!

The countdown is on and I can hear the waves splashing right now!!! Last year my girlfriends and I decided to go to Hilton Head for a “Girls Road Trip” and it was absolutely amazing to say the least. We really enjoyed the beach, food and the locals were awesome hosts. This year we are headed to Puerto Rico in 15 days!! I am so super excited about this trip because not only is it a girl’s getaway but we will be celebrating my birthday as well (throws glitter in the air).

I have been to Puerto Rico, well landed there and caught a ferry to Vieques Island Puerto Rico for another birthday celebration with a dear friend a few years ago. Yes my girlfriends are amazing women with caviar taste (giggles). Anywho, I am looking forward to this trip because we have an agenda and we plan on partaking in many activities while visiting the island. We plan to do everything from zip lining to horseback riding on the beach. I can’t wait to share all of my adventures via Twitter and Instagram using my Samsung galaxy camera 2 which by now you know will allow you to post immediately!

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? If so, please share your fave spots in a comment below!

Puerto rico boats

Puerto Rico Lips

Puerto Rico pool

San Juan Puerto Rico


Glam Girlfriend/ Guy Friend Gift Guide 2014 #3

callaway Lights

Happy Tuesday!!!!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. The holiday season is in full effect now that we have survived Black Friday madness with stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. The nerve of them I thought before entering Old Navy and getting amazing deals on sweaters and Jeans LOL.

Okay, so here is the third installment of my gift guide and I will tell you that it is becoming a difficult task to find great gifts at reasonable prices. I will confess that I am glad Christmas is only 23 days away….wow only 23 days! Check out what great treasures I have found for you this week.

Start your day off right with a refreshing personalized full-body shower SPA! I think that this Sparific Shower Spa would make a great gift. I know that I love to take hot showers and to feel the water from many angles make it even more pleasurable and for this price this is a great gift. Retail $69.00

Sparific Shower Spa

Long gone are the days of flipping through and actual photo book right? Everything is digital even our precious photos. This would be a great gift and a nice desk accessory to remind you of the great friends that you have. Retail $ 49.00

Philips Photo Frame

The New Year will bring new resolutions of getting healthy so this gift will be perfect for anyone trying to eat healthy. SnackMan® Motion-Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser is a great way to have healthy snack available to you. This is ideal for the office to stop attacking the vending machine for bad snacks. Retail $39.00

Snack Man

Travel plans for next year should be in the planning stages for a fabulous girls trip and what better way to be prepared than to read all about them in this terrffic box set. Luxe City Guide Fashion Gift Box has all the information regarding some great destinations from Milan to New York. Navigate the world’s fashion capitals like an insider with LUXE City Guides’ set. Tucked neatly into a midnight-blue linen box are five essential guides for London, Paris, Milan, New York and Sydney that succinctly advise on everything from where to shop to finding a superb meal. Perfectly sized for your clutch or pocket, each folded booklet comes with a plastic case to protect it from tears or spills. Retail $ 60.00

Luxe City Guide Books

My final suggestion for this week would be IOGear Mobile Power Station. This lovely device will be cherished I am sure because it tiny but packs a powerful charge for your phone, camera or tablet. If your friends are glued to their PDA’s as mine are then this is the best thing next to sliced bread to them! Retail $45.00

Igogear mobile

Hope this list was helpful to you and did I mention that Christmas is only 23 days away? Wow, let me know if my gift guides are helping you find gifts for your amazing friends.


Happy Halloween Ghouls & Goblins!!

Halloween Picture

Happy Friday!!!!

I live for a great Halloween party and this year welp I didn’t plan on attending one just wasn’t feeling it. I will be ready for next year for sure and I am trying to recruit some of my girlfriends to go with me as Vegas Showgirls!!! So while I am still trying to convince them to please help me achieve this “bucket list” goal you can view two of my past costumes that I just loved. What do you think? Yeah or nah?…..ya’ll be nice now LMAO!!!!

French Maid "ooh la la"

French Maid
“ooh la la”

"Eh, what's up Doc?"

“Eh, what’s up Doc?”