“You’re Broke Because You Want To Be”-Book Review!!!

“You’re Broke Because You Want To Be”


Larry Winget

I think that the title has done one of two things, pissed you off so much that you will continue to read this post, or made you realize that the title represents how you feel and you are in desperate need of help to change your situation. I will admit when I first saw this book in the library I “gasped” and was like “What!!!!” oh no he didn’t!!! Well yes, yes he did and now after reading the book I can truly say Thank You Mr. Winget for enlightening me on my very own personal situation and how to move forward.

This is not your typical “Say it, Pray it and Bam you have it” kind of book, no this book offers great principles to live by and he doesn’t sugar coat a thing ( soft hearts beware ) he gives it to us straight with no chaser. There are plenty of self help books out there that will tell you to cut off everything from your cable bill to your hair and only eat lettuce and water, this my friend is not that type of book. This book is great and if you are trying to maintain a budget and change your spending habits this is the book for you. I found that many of the principles he speaks about I am currently doing now so I think I am on the right track. If you really want to change your situation you are going to have to be willing to do some strange and uncomfortable shit….point blank. It didn’t take you overnight to get in the mess and trust me it will take longer than overnight to get you out of it wait a min “cough” get us out of it….but there is hope.  I have included some of my favorite quotes and phrases from this book, trust me it’s worth the read.

The Real Secret!

“What you think about, talk about, and get off your ass and do something about comes about”

“The fact that you don’t have any money is a result of all your other problems, your priorities are out of whack”

“Be angry that you messed up. Be angry that you didn’t keep your word to your creditors. Get mad at yourself for all your mistakes. Get sad, get mad, and then get on with it”

“Life is not made up of the haves and have-nots-but instead of the wills and the will-nots”

 Larry Winget quotes