Hey Mom Look I’m Driving Now!!!!!

Beep Beep! Hey Mom Look I’m Driving Now!!!!!

Tiny Towne driving picture

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are doing just swell this fine day and thank you for checking in to see what’s going on with my blog today. Okay, this is the cutest thing EVER and I can’t wait to take my mini-me here for a full day of fun. I recently discovered this magical place called Tiny Towne and I think I am more excited to visit than my 8yr old. I received a Groupon alert about http://www.TinyTowne.com and naturally I clicked the link and oh wow what a great place indeed. This place is so cute with the little cars and traffic signs and a “Carcade” to play games, train rides and of course driving for your 3yr old to your 15yr old. There is a place called “Parents Observation Deck” and places to eat and the children even get a driver’s permit….how adorable is that?

Tiny Towne concept is to inspire drivers (ages 3 – 15) will have the opportunity to drive high-tech mini cars on realistic streets. They must follow all the road signs and traffic signals and respect each other. In order to advance to more fun and higher-level tracks, young drivers must complete various educational activities including multiple choice quizzes and successful rounds in the simulators. This place seems to be filled with fun and I can’t wait to see my daughter drive….hopefully she will not display any bad habits from watching me drive……oh my. 🙂

Check out the video below to learn more!

“Beep Beep”


Product Review: Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera is AMAZING!!!

samsung camera 2 first pic to use

Hello Everyone!!

I hope that you are doing well and thank you for stopping by to see what I have on the blog today. Okay, so let’s get right into this post about this amazing camera that Samsung has graced us with. I am a self-proclaimed beginner photographer and I love the art of photography so much that this is my second camera that I have purchased. I purchased my beloved Canon Rebel T3i camera back in 2012 and I love it, however I am still learning the ins and outs of using that camera which is amazing as well. I was looking for a smaller camera to use when I am having dinner with girlfriends and attending events that would be easy for me to pull out quickly and capture a great shot. I wanted a camera that would be WiFi ready, able to post to social media outlets, have a camcorder and price just right.

My search was over when I ran across the Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera which has the functionality of everything that I am looking for and guess what? It fits in my purse!!! This camera is so easy to use because it’s just like my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so yahoo this was made for me! There are so many things that I love about this camera and so many functions that I decided to list a few of my favorite functions below via http://www.samsung.com

Android v4.3 JBP, Processor (1.6 Q) Do more than ever with the Android-powered GALAXY Camera 2, now upgraded with the latest version of Jelly Bean: 4.3. Powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor—and featuring numerous camera and social networking apps—it does what conventional cameras and smartphones cannot. Like capturing brilliant images, even in low-lit settings, and saving photos to your PC and smartphone without having to use an SD card. Plus you can edit right on the display, and wirelessly upload to Facebook and Instagram.

21x Optical Super Long Zoom with Pinch ZoomSave the digital zoom for editing afterwards. GALAXY Camera 2’s 21x Super Long Zoom is 100 percent optical. With the intuitive Pinch Zoom, you can zoom in and out by simply pinching two fingers on the screen. Both the 21x Super Long Zoom and Pinch Zoom help get you as close as possible to your subject while maintaining the same crystal-clear image sharpness you experience with subjects nearer to the camera.

Tag & Go (NFC/Wi-Fi)Wi-Fi and NFC technologies open up a world of possibilities. Photo Beam lets you transfer an image or video to a friend’s smartphone when the two devices are placed back-to-back, while MobileLink sends content to another device much farther away. Other Tag & Go features include a Remote Viewfinder, which lets you control your camera with your smartphone. AutoShare automatically sends every photo instantly to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi that’s powered by NFC technology. Sharing and saving have never been this easy.

Selfie AlarmYou are the star of your selfie. So why use a smartphone camera when you can snap a high-resolution 16.3MP self-portrait with the GALAXY Camera 2 instead? It’s easier than you’d expect, thanks to the Selfie Alarm feature. Simply hold up the camera and face it, and Selfie Alarm automatically shoots five images in a row. Choose your fave of the batch and make it your Facebook profile picture.

Guys and Dolls….this is an amazing camera and the price is $399.00. I am sure that you can find it for a few pennies cheaper if you search. I purchased my camera from QVC which also provided some great photo shopping software as well. You will LOVE this camera!!!!

This Camera is AWESOME!

This Camera is AWESOME!

Just like my Galaxy Note 3!

Just like my Galaxy Note 3!


Blogger Brunch Series-Event Recap!

Happy Monday!!!

blogger Flyer

I hope that this visit to my blog finds you well and in an awesome mood for a Monday! I have to tell you about this amazing and well informative event that I had the pleasure to attend this past weekend called Blogger Brunch Series. The event which was presented by Atlanta Media Mavens http://www.atlantamediamavens.com was hosted by two well-known Atlanta bloggers Trina of Baby Shopaholic http://www.thebabyshopaholic.com and Lexi of Lexi with the Curls http://www.lexiwiththecurls.com who combined together have many years of successful experience in blogging.

This event was just what I needed in order to grow my blog and audience and turn what started out as a hobby into a lucrative business. This dynamic duo covered everything from choosing a great name for your blog that would have longevity to mastering your 30 second pitch. I have attended other “Learn how to Blog” events however this event stood out for me because Trina and Lexi were very candid about sharing real information that will actually catapult your business and produce real income. The information that I obtain by attending this event would have taken me years to research on my own and for that I am so very grateful for them both. The attendees were such a positive inspiring group of professional women from Doctors to high fashion models.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Trina with a warm hug and smile and then directed to a continental breakfast that was waiting for us. We were also provided lunch that was catered by Chef Kymmis who presented me with the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had thus far. Chef Kymmis is not hard to find so in her own words she will tell you to “Google Me” LMAO and it will be so worth it….I promise. The attendees were even giving free professional head shots that were taking by Creative Soul http://www.creativesoulphoto.com who also provided the amazing eclectic studio where the event was held. I learned so much from these ladies and I would highly recommend that you attend the next Blogger Series presented by Trina and Lexi I know I will be front and center!

Pic courtesy of Monica Ponder

Trina & Lexi giving out powerful information

Chef Kymmis lunch was fabulous!

Chef Kymmis lunch was fabulous!

Class was in Session!!

Class was in Session!!

*Pictures courtesy of Monica Ponder & Creative Soul*


I Will What I Want………

“Having the strength to tune out negativity and remain focused on what I want gives me the will and confidence to achieve my goals.”— Gisele Bündchen

We Made It!!!!!! Happy Friday!!

I love great commercials and the ones that make me laugh I would have to say are my favorites. I was surfing the web as I often do and came across this amazing advertisement for Under Armour featuring the beautiful Gisele Bündchen who was just name as the spokesperson for the women’s line. I remember hearing all sorts of ugly things that people had to say about Gisele being named the spokesperson and the hatred was very powerful via social media.

I would have to give kudos to Gisele and Armour for silencing the haters with this powerful and captivating commercial that will surely help to rebrand Armour. I love this commercial well done Gisele and Armour……well done. I think this is a great personal slogan to adopt and I plan on doing just that.

Click below to watch this inspiring video.


Watch 73 Questions | Anna Wintour on Brooklyn, the Rumors, and the One Thing She Will Never Wear | Vogue Video | CNE | Vogue.com



Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Tadashii finale

“Anyone can wear my dresses. They will look good on any figure, no matter what shape you are. I want to celebrate a woman’s inner strength, to inspire real women and make them feel confident and beautiful”.

-Tadashi Shoji

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. So let’s just get right to the subject at hand shall we? I know that you have viewed at least one outlet to see the wonderful, beautifully constructed garments that are cascading down the runway during NYFW 2015 yes? I knew it! One of my favorite designers did not disappoint me and delivered exactly what I expected him to delivery which was an exceptional spring collection. Tadashi Shoji new spring 2015 collection was full of beautiful crisp colorful garments which is the new black I think because every designer thus far have displayed beautiful pieces in light soft colors.

Tadashi Shoji makes you happy to be a woman with his keen eye for seamless silhouettes that hug the body but keeping it classy with a light and airy movement. His pieces are timeless and classic which can be worn for years to come. The creamy, black, jades, soft pink and whites tones that he used with a hue of blue were exceptional and well crafted. I am thinking by now you should know who’s collection has been my favorite thus far followed closely by Angel Sanchez. The gentlemen are really stepping up their game for 2015 and I must say that I love every skirt, shirt and pants suit they have. Check out the pictures below of some of my faves from Tadashi.

Tadashi Shoji Spring Summer 2015


Tadashi-Shoji-Spring-2015-Collection-Runway-NYFW-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-3.jpg blue


Be Bold. Be Daring. Be POSH.-Q & A with CEO Craven B’ Posh of Posh 21 Cosmetics

Hello everyone!!

Well it’s September and we all know what that means……Autumn is almost here! Autumn for all my Northerners or fall for my Southerners is my favorite time of the year because of all the amazing colors that this season has to offer. The burnt orange, browns, mustard yellows, ruby reds are all my favorite colors to wear during this season. I was thinking now is the time to also upgrade my cosmetics and put away those summer shades and change over to more earth tones. I was lucky enough to catch up my client Craven B’ Posh for a little Q & A about her unique and daring cosmetic line which I love.

Posh 21

Tell us your mission statement:

Here at Posh 21 Cosmetics, it is our mission to provide a fabulously posh line of cosmetics that are uniquely made and highly pigmented with intense and vibrant colors that are gluten free, cruelty free, and paraban free.

What was the initial idea or concept that started Posh 21?

Posh 21 Cosmetics was a vision brewing in my head for years. I wanted to create a bold and fabulously fierce cosmetics line that would give cosmetics a bolder edge. However, I thought I could never birth my vision because I didn’t know where to begin, I didn’t have the means, and I figured the odds of a little black girl from the projects getting a break was slim to none. But in 2010, I met a manufacturer that understood my vision and believed in me enough to work diligently with me and help bring my vision to life. I named the line Posh 21 Cosmetics because the products offered are bold, unique, intensely pigmented, top of the line posh products that are custom crafted from unique formulas

What influences helped you to create Posh 21?

My influences were the different seasons in the year, the different colors already available, the different hues on the market and how they mesh with different skin tones. In essence, these things collectively inspired me to use my sense of creativity and bold eclectic spirit to birth something diverse, fashionable, and daring.

What products are offered by Posh 21 Cosmetics? What are your specialties?

Posh 21 Cosmetics specialize in cosmetics that are uniquely crafted and highly pigmented. All of our nail lacquers are three free: No Formaldehyde. No DBP (DiButyl Phthalate) and No Toluene. All of our lipsticks are intense, vibrant, and satin/matte based. Each lipstick consists of a customized full coverage formula that is guaranteed to slide on smoothly for long-lasting beautiful lips. All of our HD Lip Paints are intensely pigmented, bold, vibrant, and are available in over 13 high definition, long lasting colors. Lastly, all of our lipsticks and HD lip paints are gluten free and we do not indulge in animal testing.

What would say is your favorite item or items from Posh 21?

Honestly, I do not have a favorite item from Posh 21. I custom created each and every item and I favor them equally. I birthed this brand! It is my baby! Just as a mother can’t favor one of her children over the other, I can’t favor one of my babies over the other!

Any new products or events you want our readers to know about?

Absolutely! We just launched our 120 Color Glam Palette. The 120 color Glam Palette is our custom crafted eye shadow palette that consists of 120 matte and shimmer, highly pigmented eyeshadows. The most unique feature about our 120 color Glam Palette is that it includes a mixture of neon, neutral, and fall foilage colors. This is pertinent because this one palette is all you need for everyday wear! Whether you decide to dress up or down, every essential color needed is contained within this 1 fabulously posh eyeshadow palette.

How do you plan to take Posh 21 further?

Posh 21 Cosmetics was just the beginning! From here, I will focus on all aspects of Posh 21. Not just as a cosmetics line, but as a brand- as a whole entity! Posh 21 Cosmetics will release a line of high definition glitters, eye shadow pigments, and full coverage concealers in the Fall. Lastly, I look forward to launching a fragrance, tee shirt line, and a Branding DVD. This is important to me because this will all happen under the Posh 21 umbrella! Posh 21 is more than a cosmetics line, its a brand! Its a lifestyle!

Contact info, website info, and any other information you would like our readers to know about.
Instagram & Twitter: @posh21cosmetics

Pos 21 Lippies