The Future of Fashion Marketing and PR Event


Hello Friends,

I know, I know I have been missing but I had to take a break, live life, re-group and I think I am goodnow! So with my focus of revamping and yes I hate the word just as much as the next person, one of myobjectives is to continue to learn my craft. Now learning your craft doesn’t mean you have to go back toa traditional way of learning meaning taking classes in a classroom but you can get involved by attendingsome fantastic workshops and seminars that can elevate your knowledge.

I had to pleasure of attending The Future of Fashion Marketing and PR event that was held at GeneralAssembly located at the beautiful Ponce City Market. I have been looking forward to attending thisevent for two weeks solely because of the panelist that would be speaking. The panel was made up ofsome our cities great movers and shakers in the fashion and marketing industry.

The diverse crowd came ready to learn and ask questions and most of all NETWORK and CONNECT. Itwas truly amazing to be in that space with so many artist, designers, PR reps, photographers you name itthey were in there. Now I have been to some events and I have paid for a few workshops regardingfashion and PR but the information given for free last night was yep you guess it……priceless.

The panel was made up of the following professionals:


The panelist touched on many points that will help with your career in the fashion industry like SocialMedia, using your platform and marketing media. It was great information and did I mention FREE!!

They will host another open forum in August, so I highly suggest that if you are serious about yourfashion career you should attend.



“Do Good. Be Dope. Stay Fly. Live Different.”





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