Bill Cunningham New York-Fashion Documentary Series-Event Recap

Bill Cunningham Picture 2


Hello Beautiful People!!

I am slowly developing this huge passion for the art of photography ever since I purchased my Canon Rebel T3i a few years ago and just recently my Samsung Galaxy camera. I think I love the idea of capturing a moment in time and being able to freeze that moment forever. I am always looking to learn and become better at whatever has my interest and my pursuit of trying to become a novice photographer is no different. I do know one thing, in order to become great at anything you have to learn your craft and what better way to perfect your craft than to study the best and by the best I mean Bill Cunningham.

I had the opportunity to attend the Bill Cunningham New York-Fashion Documentary Series that was presented by SCAD yesterday evening and what a fashion treat it was. This 80+ New York Times photographer who is best known for his candid and street photography of fashion trends but mainly the day to day style of people hurrying about their lives in New York City. Every day of his life he stills pedals around Manhattan on his bicycle taking amazing pictures of all the fashion that is presented on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

I left this documentary with way more knowledge of Bill and the history of fashion for that matter. Did you know that in 1960 was the first time photographers actually started taking pictures at fashion shows? The routine was that designers of fashion houses had to take their own photos and send them in to magazines for them to choose the pictures they would use. I was thinking what a huge difference of what we see at fashion shows today the “pit” has about 100 photogs at each show now. Bill is really a big deal in the world of fashion and maybe the only one that can stop Anna Wintour in her tracks by calling her name and she stops!

SCAD will be hosting a series of interesting documentaries about all things fashion. I highly recommend that if you can catch one please do so. The next series will feature the fashion house of Dior and I posted a blog earlier with all of the information. I will leave you with one of the many quotes by Bill Cunningham that I love. He is really amazing and full of information if you are into fashion you should Google Mr. Cunningham and follow him on



Bill Cunningham Picture




“Do Good. Be Dope. Stay Fly. Live Different”


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