Keep’em Seeing Red!!!

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Happy Friday!!!


You know how we do here on the blog on Fridays! Glasses in the air, pinkies out and “clink” we made it!!


Today is a very special day because today marks my 100th post on my blog!! I am just tickled pink I tell you and this has been a great adventure so far and I am looking forward to all that will come in the future. I send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all that stop by and like my posts and read my posts on well….whatever I feel like writing about that day.


If you follow me on Instagram a few days ago I posted a picture about a product that I was going to review and that product was “Save your Sole”. This product is amazing and I love it and will be giving this as gifts to all my awesome girlfriends who rock the “red bottom” we so love. This product was designed to help you protect your soles from day to day wear or to give a fabulous touch up to the sole that need a little TLC. I was searching all over the place to find a place that would restore my shoes back to the original form and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I also didn’t want to take my shoes to a Cobbler and have them grind down my sole and replace it with an off color red rubber mat.

Save your sole before and after pic 1           save your sole before and after pic 2         Save your sole bottle


I came across this produce online and I will admit I was not sure if this would be the perfect red or even a great product for that matter. To my surprise the red is the EXACT glossy red that are on my Christian Louboutin pumps (I see why the lawsuit was in place now) a perfect match! I felt really comfortable trying this product ($35.00 retail) on an old pair first after watching a few YouTube demonstrations. The product is very easy to use and it dries fast and leave that glossy look. If you have some shoes that need a “make over” I highly recommend using this product. Visit the website because they have great gift items and other products for all types of shoe soles and great information on Cobblers as well. Also check out the clear and self-adhesive soles they have for your soles as well, I plan on using those on my next pair of Louboutin’s.


save your sole picture





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