Load up on Bamboo Spa Face Mask for the summer your skin will thank you!

Bamboo Spa Treatment Picture

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog today!

I have been on two vacations thus far and have three more planned for this year. I am loving the sun and taking in all of the beach waves and fun in the sand. We all should know by now that the skin is the largest organ we have right? Of course we do so with that said I received some goodies to try out since my last trip I really got a lot of sun. I have been trying to adapt to a good solid skin routine and at this point I am willing to try anything that will help retain my youthful appearance. 

The days of just washing my face and go are long gone and with the elements we require just a little help to maintain moisture and firmness. I really love the face masks and the pampered feeling you get when you use one. So I am super excited to try out my goodies tonight and give you a full review later this week. I also received in my bag of goodies a jar of Essence Olive Spa Experience Body Silk Cream Body Polish. Do you use a mask? If so, please do tell so I can try them out as well. Check back for full review!

Body Silk Creame



One Comment on “Load up on Bamboo Spa Face Mask for the summer your skin will thank you!”

  1. J'Chanet says:

    I look forward to your feedback on this product

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