“Bring Luster to Your Lips and Shine to Your Attitude!” with Lipps by P Black

Lipps by P Black Logo

Hello Everyone!!

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of attending an intimate private event that was hosted by Paula Blackmon the owner of Lipps by P Black. Lip gloss is essential in any beauty junkie’s make up bag but not just any lip gloss we all know it has to be the RIGHT lip gloss. I for one absolutely love lip gloss, doesn’t matter the brand but it has to be great and long lasting and most important hydrating to my lips.

First can we just take a moment to read again the slogan that is listed up top? I absolutely love it!! I had the opportunity to sit down with Paula and her husband for some Q & A about Lipps by P Black keep reading below.

What inspired you to start a lip line?

As a professional hair stylist we looked for ways to enhance the complete overall look after your hair has been styled, we thought why not develop lip-gloss to accent the lips? We looked more to how we can pour into people to make them look and feel beautiful overall without taking away from the hair itself.

With all the lip-gloss brands that are among us now, how does Lipps by P Black stand out from the rest?

“First it’s ME!” says owner Paula Blackmon that this is our product, my husband and I have spent many hours researching everything from packaging to ingredients before we launched our lip-gloss line. Lipps by P Black are super pigmented moisturizing lip glosses that are designed for long time wear and contain vitamin E and it’s all natural. One of the amazing features of Lipps by P Black it that you will continue to feel the moisture and hydration even after you have removed the gloss. Our price point separates us as well because we offer our products at a fair market price which will deliver upscale quality without the upscale price.

What is next for Lipps by P Black regarding growth and products?

The official launch date of the company was December 7th 2014 and the popularity of our brand has increased so much just by word of mouth and we are looking forward to 2015 with a teen line being released this spring. We will be expanding our products to lip sticks as well but we will offer only matte lipstick because our gloss is just so amazing and the shine it provides is 2nd to none.

There is so much more to learn about this company and the products that PBlack offers. Please visit the website to view all of the colors. I love this product and I have been using it every day sweetie pie is my ultimate favorite but the glosses come in a ton of gorgeous colors. I am looking forward to what other colors and products that will be released by Lipps by P Black. You can order your own lippies from the website http://www.pblackhairstudio.com/ and check me out on the site!!!!

About Paula Blackmon

Paula Blackmon: licensed stylist and licensed educator, has been in the professional styling industry for a combined 24 years. Today she is still a force behind the chair and has won several awards as an educator at one of Atlanta’s leading beauty schools. Paula is the founder of “PBlack Hair Studio” a stylist development company and “Lipps by PBlack” a premier lip gloss line that brings luster to your “lipps” and shine to your attitude.

Paula consistently provides the finest and most current beauty services and continuing education opportunities. Her reputation soared from always having the edge on trendsetting hair techniques and designs.


Paula Blackmon

Paula Blackmon

PBlack Lippies

Ursula in Sweetie Pie

Paula and Hubby

Lipps by P black step and repeat

Ursula in Sweetie gloss


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