Patch up the Puff with Patchology Energizing Eye Patches


Happy Friday!!!!

“Glasses in the air…..and “clink” we made it!!!!”

Happy New Year!!! Now that we are well underway into 2015 I am sure that some of you are still trying to recover from the endless parties that you attended to help bring in the New Year. Yep those bags under your eyes are not Chanel Darling! Let me tell you about this product that I am sure will come in handy to regain that well rested appearance and it’s called Patchology. Every now and then you will discover a product that is so amazing that it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

That statement would describe exactly how I felt after I tried Patchology energizing eye patches that I received in a glam bag from a recent Neiman Marcus event hosted by Trina of Baby Shopaholic . This amazing product will recharge and soothe your tired eyes in 20mins and you can use the patches up to four times. I highly recommend that you add Patchology energizing eye patches to your daily regimen. I also love the fact that the patches delivers revitalization to areas that needs it most. Also if you use this lovely “youth in a patch” product overtime it will also help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles! This product retails for $75 but again each set of eye patches can be used up to four times before discarding.

So visit the website to read all the testimonials and find out what other beauty patches are in the work.

Here is a step by step video demonstration to get your peepers beautiful

If you have tried this product please leave a comment below and share your experience! I simply love them!

Ursula with Patchology 1

Patchology 4

Ursula with Patchology 2

Patchology 3



2 Comments on “Patch up the Puff with Patchology Energizing Eye Patches”

  1. Isn’t it awesome! Glad you love it! What a great feeling to find a product that works!

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