Who’s got a Sweet Tooth? Then SugaSweet Organics Cosmetics is for you.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

“Glasses in the air…..and “clink” we made it!!!!”

On (December 11, 2014) I was cordially invited to attend a private media meet and greet with SugaSweet Organics CEO Sondria Robinson where she introduced her new cosmetic line SugaSweet Organics. I was excited to receive the invite from SugaSweet’s PR firm PrPrimas http://www.prprimas.com to come out and have an intimate Q & A session with SugaSweet Organics. Upon arrival to the event which was located in the Microsoft store in Lenox mall, I was quickly greeted by PrPrimas CEO Sheen Wilder with a warm welcome and with excitement introduce me to CEO Sondria Robinson.

If you have never heard of SugaSweet Cosmetics then you are in luck because the fully functional website just went live at 12am so visit http://thesugasweetcosmetics.squarespace.com/ to view all of the amazing products this cosmetic line has to offer. This is not your typical cosmetic line because “All of our products are measured, made by hand and packaged to insure the natural combination of ingredients come together for a complete presentation and experience”-SugaSweetOrganics.com
SugaSweet Organics was created by CEO Sondria Robinson when she was just sixteen years old and believe that “every woman deserves to be beautiful, naturally” and from that idea she has created a unique brand of products that has been created with all ethnicities in mind.

I was impressed by the products, the packaging and was even gifted with my very own “Chocolatte” gloss which I can’t wait to try out. If you are free this evening then you would want to RSVP for the official Launch of SugaSweet Organics tonight! Details below of the launch which is going to be epic in the mind of “Willy Wonka meets Candy Land” so hurry and RSVP! Oh yeah did I mention that this event will be televised!!!

Ceo Sondria Robinson wearing Applemytini

Ceo Sondria Robinson wearing Applemytini

Suga Sweet Cinnamon toast Crunch Bronzer

SugaSweet Chocolatte lippie

SugaSweet Invite

CEO Sondria Robinson


SugaSweet Logo


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