Hey Mom Look I’m Driving Now!!!!!

Beep Beep! Hey Mom Look I’m Driving Now!!!!!

Tiny Towne driving picture

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are doing just swell this fine day and thank you for checking in to see what’s going on with my blog today. Okay, this is the cutest thing EVER and I can’t wait to take my mini-me here for a full day of fun. I recently discovered this magical place called Tiny Towne and I think I am more excited to visit than my 8yr old. I received a Groupon alert about http://www.TinyTowne.com and naturally I clicked the link and oh wow what a great place indeed. This place is so cute with the little cars and traffic signs and a “Carcade” to play games, train rides and of course driving for your 3yr old to your 15yr old. There is a place called “Parents Observation Deck” and places to eat and the children even get a driver’s permit….how adorable is that?

Tiny Towne concept is to inspire drivers (ages 3 – 15) will have the opportunity to drive high-tech mini cars on realistic streets. They must follow all the road signs and traffic signals and respect each other. In order to advance to more fun and higher-level tracks, young drivers must complete various educational activities including multiple choice quizzes and successful rounds in the simulators. This place seems to be filled with fun and I can’t wait to see my daughter drive….hopefully she will not display any bad habits from watching me drive……oh my. 🙂

Check out the video below to learn more!

“Beep Beep”


2 Comments on “Hey Mom Look I’m Driving Now!!!!!”

  1. J'Chanet says:

    So I wonder if my little one would enjoy. this..thanks for sharing

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