Blogger Brunch Series-Event Recap!

Happy Monday!!!

blogger Flyer

I hope that this visit to my blog finds you well and in an awesome mood for a Monday! I have to tell you about this amazing and well informative event that I had the pleasure to attend this past weekend called Blogger Brunch Series. The event which was presented by Atlanta Media Mavens was hosted by two well-known Atlanta bloggers Trina of Baby Shopaholic and Lexi of Lexi with the Curls who combined together have many years of successful experience in blogging.

This event was just what I needed in order to grow my blog and audience and turn what started out as a hobby into a lucrative business. This dynamic duo covered everything from choosing a great name for your blog that would have longevity to mastering your 30 second pitch. I have attended other “Learn how to Blog” events however this event stood out for me because Trina and Lexi were very candid about sharing real information that will actually catapult your business and produce real income. The information that I obtain by attending this event would have taken me years to research on my own and for that I am so very grateful for them both. The attendees were such a positive inspiring group of professional women from Doctors to high fashion models.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Trina with a warm hug and smile and then directed to a continental breakfast that was waiting for us. We were also provided lunch that was catered by Chef Kymmis who presented me with the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had thus far. Chef Kymmis is not hard to find so in her own words she will tell you to “Google Me” LMAO and it will be so worth it….I promise. The attendees were even giving free professional head shots that were taking by Creative Soul who also provided the amazing eclectic studio where the event was held. I learned so much from these ladies and I would highly recommend that you attend the next Blogger Series presented by Trina and Lexi I know I will be front and center!

Pic courtesy of Monica Ponder

Trina & Lexi giving out powerful information

Chef Kymmis lunch was fabulous!

Chef Kymmis lunch was fabulous!

Class was in Session!!

Class was in Session!!

*Pictures courtesy of Monica Ponder & Creative Soul*



6 Comments on “Blogger Brunch Series-Event Recap!”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful recap! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. It was such a pleasure to have you there! We wanted to make sure you feel like you got your “monies” worth, in addition to the food and head shots! Looking for to staying connected with you! XO Trina

  2. Trina thank you! I learned so much and I will be in attendance at your next series!

  3. J'Chanet says:

    I definitely have to agree, they did an amazing job

  4. Kateria says:

    Yes this event was wonderful! I learned so much and can’t wait to put the great information that was shared to use. I definitely plan to attend the next one. Oh and that mac and cheese was beyond delicious! I thought about it all day! Lol

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