Be Bold. Be Daring. Be POSH.-Q & A with CEO Craven B’ Posh of Posh 21 Cosmetics

Hello everyone!!

Well it’s September and we all know what that means……Autumn is almost here! Autumn for all my Northerners or fall for my Southerners is my favorite time of the year because of all the amazing colors that this season has to offer. The burnt orange, browns, mustard yellows, ruby reds are all my favorite colors to wear during this season. I was thinking now is the time to also upgrade my cosmetics and put away those summer shades and change over to more earth tones. I was lucky enough to catch up my client Craven B’ Posh for a little Q & A about her unique and daring cosmetic line which I love.

Posh 21

Tell us your mission statement:

Here at Posh 21 Cosmetics, it is our mission to provide a fabulously posh line of cosmetics that are uniquely made and highly pigmented with intense and vibrant colors that are gluten free, cruelty free, and paraban free.

What was the initial idea or concept that started Posh 21?

Posh 21 Cosmetics was a vision brewing in my head for years. I wanted to create a bold and fabulously fierce cosmetics line that would give cosmetics a bolder edge. However, I thought I could never birth my vision because I didn’t know where to begin, I didn’t have the means, and I figured the odds of a little black girl from the projects getting a break was slim to none. But in 2010, I met a manufacturer that understood my vision and believed in me enough to work diligently with me and help bring my vision to life. I named the line Posh 21 Cosmetics because the products offered are bold, unique, intensely pigmented, top of the line posh products that are custom crafted from unique formulas

What influences helped you to create Posh 21?

My influences were the different seasons in the year, the different colors already available, the different hues on the market and how they mesh with different skin tones. In essence, these things collectively inspired me to use my sense of creativity and bold eclectic spirit to birth something diverse, fashionable, and daring.

What products are offered by Posh 21 Cosmetics? What are your specialties?

Posh 21 Cosmetics specialize in cosmetics that are uniquely crafted and highly pigmented. All of our nail lacquers are three free: No Formaldehyde. No DBP (DiButyl Phthalate) and No Toluene. All of our lipsticks are intense, vibrant, and satin/matte based. Each lipstick consists of a customized full coverage formula that is guaranteed to slide on smoothly for long-lasting beautiful lips. All of our HD Lip Paints are intensely pigmented, bold, vibrant, and are available in over 13 high definition, long lasting colors. Lastly, all of our lipsticks and HD lip paints are gluten free and we do not indulge in animal testing.

What would say is your favorite item or items from Posh 21?

Honestly, I do not have a favorite item from Posh 21. I custom created each and every item and I favor them equally. I birthed this brand! It is my baby! Just as a mother can’t favor one of her children over the other, I can’t favor one of my babies over the other!

Any new products or events you want our readers to know about?

Absolutely! We just launched our 120 Color Glam Palette. The 120 color Glam Palette is our custom crafted eye shadow palette that consists of 120 matte and shimmer, highly pigmented eyeshadows. The most unique feature about our 120 color Glam Palette is that it includes a mixture of neon, neutral, and fall foilage colors. This is pertinent because this one palette is all you need for everyday wear! Whether you decide to dress up or down, every essential color needed is contained within this 1 fabulously posh eyeshadow palette.

How do you plan to take Posh 21 further?

Posh 21 Cosmetics was just the beginning! From here, I will focus on all aspects of Posh 21. Not just as a cosmetics line, but as a brand- as a whole entity! Posh 21 Cosmetics will release a line of high definition glitters, eye shadow pigments, and full coverage concealers in the Fall. Lastly, I look forward to launching a fragrance, tee shirt line, and a Branding DVD. This is important to me because this will all happen under the Posh 21 umbrella! Posh 21 is more than a cosmetics line, its a brand! Its a lifestyle!

Contact info, website info, and any other information you would like our readers to know about.
Instagram & Twitter: @posh21cosmetics

Pos 21 Lippies


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