RagTrade Presents: Bauder College Best of the Best 2014

Happy Monday!

I hope that this blog entry finds everyone as fabulous as the last time you checked in to see what’s going on with Silhouette. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending Bauder College Senior fashion designers showcase at the fabulous W Hotel Atlanta-Buckhead grand ballroom. There were eleven designers that gave us their best designs which sent my fashion radar into overdrive. The designs had every element of colors, textures, feathers, silks and stones one could imagine using to create great signature pieces. There was so much going on and I was taking notes as fast as I could while trying to keep my eyes on the next fantastic piece to strut down the runway. Below is a recap of some of the designers and what they presented at this well organized event.

Lealer Ann- “Elegance at a Glance”-Floral theme, light free flowing garments, classic garments.

Brittany Sanders- “Ensemble Inheritance”- plunging necklines, silk & leather, jewels everywhere.

Randy Gary-“Tribal Chic”- long trains, dramatic, well designed, African royalty.

Tim Scott-“Silent Generation”-Clean cut neutrals, classic, soft free flowing garments, timeless.

Tim Scott was also the winner of the 2014 Best Designer Award which he truly deserved! Kudos Tim!

This event was the best one that I attended this weekend. Please be sure to check out “Weekend Rewind” to get the good, bad and the are you serious? Check out below some pictures from the show below and a quick few pictures of what I wore.

ragtrade program

ragtrade pic 2nd

Ragtrade pic 3rd

Shirt-Pleione @Nordstroms Pants-INC Shoes-BCBG Sunnies-Salvatore Ferragamo Earrings-Betsey Johnson

Shirt-Pleione @Nordstroms
Sunnies-Salvatore Ferragamo
Earrings-Betsey Johnson


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