Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday!!!

We should all be settled in and ready for a productive work week right? I know who am I kidding with a statement like that? Well this weekend was really great I had the chance to hang out with one of my BFF’s and we had a super time. Our first stop was Dip N’ Dab-BYOB Painting https://www.dipndab.com at their new location 549 Amsterdam Ave Avenue Atlanta 30306. We had an amazing time sipping wine and bonding with other ladies who were there to get drunk and paint in that order. This was my second but surely not my last time attending one of these sip and paint events. If you are looking for a great fun time together for your friends I would highly recommend an outing such as this. You can bring in your own wine or champagne there were a few popping bottles and lite bites to nibble while you create your masterpiece. The price was great and the experience of seeing how artsy your friends are will be really entertaining.

The next stop was Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint http://www.sweetgeorgiasjukejoint.com and oh my what a great place this is!! This was my second time dining at this fabulous restaurant where the food is delicious and the moonshine is always flowing. I really think I am doing a disservice to this fine establishment and will have to do a full review later because yes it deserves a full write up. My BFF and I ordered the same dish we both had the Jambalaya pasta and it was perfection. We also had the drink special which was called…stay with me here…”Shine-gria” which was their own twist on the normal sangria however made with moonshine. That drink was not for first time drinkers I will tell you that and oh please don’t even think about eating the blueberries at the bottom because they have been soaking in moonshine for days and carries a ridiculous punch after you consume them. I highly recommend that you dine at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint you will not be disappointed.

I also rocked my overalls (Target) this weekend and thought I looked quite stylish paired with my bedazzled converse, nails painted with my Rouge Christian Louboutin nail lacquer, my favorite Fiore bag and my Saks label sunnies. I hope my great weekend only paved the way for a great week to come!!

Love my overalls!

Love my overalls!

Jambalaya Pasta-Yummy

Jambalaya Pasta-Yummy

This drink WOW! "Shine-gria"

This drink WOW!

My version of Black Horse...be nice ya'll

My version of Black Horse…be nice ya’ll

Don't eat the blueberries! WOW!!!!

Don’t eat the blueberries! WOW!!!!



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