Event Rewind: Parisian Dior Beauty Boutique at Saks Atlanta

Its Friday…glasses in the air….”clink” we made it!!!!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an event that was hosted by Alliance Françoise d’ Atlanta at the brand new Dior beauty boutique located inside of the prestigious Saks Atlanta. I arrived around 7:00pm and was immediately greeted by a smiling face and a glass of champagne and escorted to an empty seat to wait for the next available Dior resident artists to give me an overview of new products. After 20mins of eating chocolate covered strawberries and sipping cheap champagne I was still waiting for someone….anyone to acknowledge me. It was painfully clear to me that I was not seen as a potential patron and my feeling of dopamine for Dior was quickly fading faster than Ciara’s engagement.

I have been a true fan of Dior products for many years however the treatment I received yesterday at the Dior beauty boutique event left a very bad taste in my mouth as well as the cheap Andre champagne that was served….ok that was shade but whatever. Ok so let me get to the good things about this event and oh yes a huge THANK YOU to the manager Mehnyr who after receiving my complaints put a band-aid on my bruised ego with a bag full of goodies.

Dior has some amazing products coming out everything from hypnotizing home infusion oils to the flirty fall colors of nail polish. The boutique itself is very nice, posh and intriguing and has plenty to offer the diehard Dior customer. The “bewitching lips” as they playfully refer to their lip line was filled with enchanting colors for the upcoming autumn date nights. The Dior boutique itself is very nice but the Dior resident artists could use a refresher course in customer service or better yet just replace them with YouTube make up tutorial girls….they do a way better job and have personalities for days. MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Love the new colors

Love the new colors

The oils are amazing

The oils are amazing



dior lite bites second



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