Terrific Tip Tuesdays: “Oh Ellen if you only had this at the Oscars”….

Happy Tuesday!!!

Remember that epic selfie that Ellen Degeneres took at this year’s Oscars? Well of course you do I mean you would have to be living under a rock not to hear about that now famous one shot selfie. That star studded plus one “photobomber “ who shall remain nameless…..literally generated over a million retweets…..but do you ever wonder what could have been if Bradley Cooper had one of these while snapping that picture? What you ask? The Looq of course the world’s first battery less remote shutter pole! I first noticed this item on “Good Morning America” and absolutely feel in love with it. You simply plug your iPhone or Samsung into the slot of the Looq and then plug the wire into the earphone jack and download a free app from Google Play or the Apple Store and you are all set!

This is a must for your friends who love to take selfies at parties, events or themselves every 15mins. It’s portable, extends up to 23inches and can fit into a purse for on the go. The price is also reasonable for avid picture takers only $49.99 for this great item. I have this on my list and you know I will do a complete product review and I might throw in a few selfies as well. Check out the video below to learn more and if you take a selfie with it tag me so I can post it to the blog! In my Jim Carey voice from “The Cable Guy” say cheese……. ooooohhhh that’s a good one!!!!!



2 Comments on “Terrific Tip Tuesdays: “Oh Ellen if you only had this at the Oscars”….”

  1. J'Chanet says:

    What a wonderful idea. I need this because my son is so over me asking him to take my selfies. lol

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