Terrific Tip Tuesdays- Kodak Moments: There’s An App For That!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!

So this is what I have to share for “Terrific Tips Tuesdays” and I might be a little late with this but “cough” anyway here goes. I love to take pictures and having a smart phone allows me to snap great memorable moments anywhere at any time without always having to carry around my Canon. The quality of the pictures on my phone is great but the endless amount of pictures that I have stored on my smartphone because I have yet to print any out is closely reaching the “are you serious” level.

So if you are a procrastinator as I am from time to time and you have over 100 photos in your phone and you keep lying to yourself saying “ I am going to Walmart and have these pictures printed out” STOP IT I Say!!! There is a super app called Free Prints by PhotoAffections.com that prints our high quality photos in different sizes with glossy finish straight from your smartphone/iPhone and the best part they will be delivered to you in the mail!! I just received my first 10 free prints (see picture below) on Friday and I tell you I am HOOKED on this app.

This app is fantastic and will eliminate the need to go to the store and stand at the kiosk, you can literally go through your phone and touch photos that you want and hit send. I promise you it’s that easy and great! I have ordered at least 30 pictures off of my smartphone this past weekend and can’t wait to receive them. Check out the video below to learn more about this fantastic app…..I guarantee you will love it so you can thank me now! So long live the shutterbugs and “Snap, touch, receive” all of the lost photos on Instagram, FaceBook, Dropbox and your phone gallery that you have always wanted in print. I tell you it doesn’t get any better than this!




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