Terrific Tip Tuesdays-Instead Of Flowers “What a great idea”

I love to send Edible Arrangements and flowers to people for their birthdays, if they are sick or what have you just to put a smile on their face. I was at the office speaking with one of my co-workers about my only two choices of gifts that can be delivered and she gave me the best website to visit if I wanted to change things up a bit. Instead of flowers or fruit this site will allow you to have fresh gourmet meals delivered within the metro Atlanta are. This company “Instead of Flowers” http://www.insteadofflowers.com/ has been in business since 1990, how did I NOT know about this awesome company and what they provide? Well now that I know you will also be in the know on a great alternative to sending the same boring bouquet that will just wilt in a matter of days.

Check out the site above and the video below! I have not used this company yet but my co-worker gives it a 5 star rating! This is also great for busy families that would like to offer great nutritious meals for their family but doesn’t have the time. I can’t wait to surprise my friends and family with a fresh gourmet meal. Don’t forget Father’s Day is fast approaching this would be a great surprise!



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