Terrific Tip Tuesdays

Hello Beauties!!!

I read plenty of blogs daily and I run across great tips daily and I thought to myself “Self why not share this information with others and do it every Tuesday!” So I have decided to start doing “Terrific Tip Tuesdays” and share the amazing information I happened to come across while reading other great blogs. So first up, Talking with Tami of course….not only is she a GREAT person and friend but she has the “deeds” on everything FIRST! That’s right first time I got wind of the elevator mishap was reading the breaking story on her blog http://www.talkingwithtami.com/ then everyone followed behind her. Today I was on her blog and came across a great tutorial from yet another fab blogger Aimee Song of http://www.songofstyle.com/ which is a blog about fashion and interior design.

In the video below Aimee is sharing great tips on how to take perfect Instagram pictures. I found this video to be very helpful and can’t wait to see how my pictures improve. If you want to always be in the know then you should add Talking with Tami to your daily blog roll. Enjoy!!


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