JayZ Wants You To Know……

That the “Jigga” man has done it again! No, No we are not talking about another altercation in an elevator but another opening of his 40/40 Club right here in Atlanta! Well okay, sort of in Atlanta more like the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Concourse D Level….but hey who cares it’s here!! The 1,500 square foot space will mirror the design of the elite New York 40/40 club which is fabulous by the way and serves great food.

This smaller but still posh version of the 40/40 will have a slight advantage over the New York and Vegas location because this fine establishment will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to the over 1 million travelers who come through this airport every year. The talks of opening this location has been discussed with our Mayor since 2011 and now the grand opening is today May 14th. I am excited to visit this location and give my two hits, I mean two cents in a review. Congradulations JayZ and keep an eye on the guest list we don’t want any more shocking surprises now do we?

Loving the Decor

Loving the Decor



***UPDATE*** The 40/40 Club will open in phases and only the Bar section was opened on Wednesday, the Grand opening will be later this year.

Smooches xoxoxo


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