Wrap It Up-In a “Chic way of course”

Mother Nature has finally gotten herself together and is playing nice now I see and for that my dear lady “we thank you”. Now that the sun is out the beach and your local community pool is knocking off those last chills from winter and it’s time to get summer chic and what better way to do that than with a glamorous headwrap. I have seen this trend of fabulous head wraps for many seasons now and of course my fashion icon June Ambrose wears them so amazingly well that I think I will try to wear one on my upcoming trip to Hilton Head Island.

Wearing headwraps or turbans if you would like to be formal about it, anywho the headwraps are the perfect summer accessory to glam up your wardrobe. If you are visiting the pool or beach or running errands you will look amazingly well put together and of course very fashionable. Let’s remember shall we, turbans and headwraps are our lifesavers on a bad hair day. Don’t be afraid to go loud with patterns, neon colors and graphic designs, go ahead and release your inner “chic-ness” tribal instincts!

I found a great YouTube video that will show you how to even use leggings, YES LEGGINGS as headwraps! Enjoy the tutorial video and check out my favorite looks below. Are you daring enough to wear a headwrap or turban? If so send in your pictures and share your fabulous look!

Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j89-zEs-8dw to learn how to create a great headwrap!

Traci Ellis Ross

Traci Ellis Ross

She is just cute!

She is just cute!

June Ambrose

June Ambrose


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