My Coffee Shop @ East Lake- Review

Love the space

Love the space

Happy Hump Day!!!

This morning on my drive into the office I decided to stop by this small coffee shop to well…..try the coffee and write a review. I have been wanting to stop and patronize this coffee shop for some time, just never took the time to stop in and grab a hot cup of “Joe” until today. I will admit that the side of the building is what really caught my eye, the mural of the huge cup of Brazilian lemonade advertised was a bright and innovative way of catching the eye of passing potential patrons.
I was also intrigued by the green circles that you would follow to the front door of the coffee shop, almost like following the yellow brick road but not so much.

The inside of this cozy place was well just as whimsical on the inside as the outside. They offered of course free wifi, a nice comfy looking reading nook, nostalgic pieces of furniture and art that made me want to forgo work and spend my day right here. I walked slowly through the coffee shop trying to take in all that I could before I had to dash back to my car and finish my grueling commute across town. I was greeted with a smile and a stare because I was unfamiliar with what was offered and fumbled through my order. I handed over my $1.60 for my coffee which was extremely good to my surprise, snapped a few more pictures and out the door I dashed.

I found this quiet little spot that was nestled in the East Lake community to be cozy, convenient and inviting. If you are ever on Memorial Drive and you are need of a great work space or great cup of coffee, I would recommend that you stop in to My Coffee Shop at East Lake, 2462 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta Ga and be sure to check out the website they have more to offer than just coffee. Enjoy!


Love this painting on the side of the building.

Love this painting on the side of the building.



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