Spring Trend: Floral Pants

April showers bring May flowers and now it’s even cool to wear your floral arrangement, only in the chicest way of course. I will be the first to say that this fashion trend took some time to get use to and let’s be honest here shall we? I was one to always think of senior citizens when it came to wearing floral prints….well at least until last Friday. I was wondering the halls of my office building and this young lady stepped off the elevator and had on an outfit that made me gasp!!!! This fashion guru was so well put together that I blurted out “OMG you look so cute” before I even knew what happened.

I usually pride myself on knowing or accepting the latest fashion trend, careful to follow only those with some staying power; however this floral trend found me unprepared for such “eyeball” pleasures. Let’s revisit exactly what I saw that made me scream out like an adolescent 13yr old girl front row at a “One Direction” concert. The floral silk harem pants that she wore were absolutely beautiful with a hue of pale pink, a small burst of yellow and small dash of green, with a light pale pink silk blouse covered all by an off white blazer and gold accessories. That experience has left me in search of my very own full floral fantasy moment and has inspired me to find my perfect wearable floral arrangement. Well my friends, the search is still on, however I found some inspiring influences below on how to wear florals this spring.


Floral pants

floral and jacket

floral yellow jacket

*all pictures courtesy of Polyvore*


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