Road Trip To-Hilton Head Island

Whew” we made it through a very turbulent winter season and now it’s time to shed those overcoats, boots and gloves for warmer weather!! So having dinner and drinks a few weekends ago with my cluster of fabulous friends we all agreed that we need to take a short get away and have some fun in the sun. We have decided that a quick girls getaway to Hilton Head Island would be just the “fix” we need. I am so excited about our upcoming trip that I quickly ran to my closet to try to piece together everything I would need for our awesome day at the beach. I have decided to post some essential items that I think I will need at the beach and I need your help in letting me know if I will be “Cooling in the Shade” or “Straight getting Played”. So here we go below are some of my must have items for my trip to Hilton Head Island in May…..did I mention that my girls are “Divas” so I better “BRING IT”!!!!!

Gucci Sandals-$395.00
Ok my birthday is in April and these will be a gift to myself so “Whatever” I am getting the sandals. (rolls eyes )

Neutrogena Sun block-$7.00 to me this is the best sun block ever; it’s not thick and goes on light and smooth.

The New Yorker Beach Towel-$30.00 I found this glam beach towel on and they had plenty more to choose from. I like them because they are different and screams GLAM! I know the price is steep but this is a must have!

Black Mesh Beach Tote-$9.00
I saw this beach bag while shopping at Target and just had to have it. They come in many colors and it’s the perfect size for your magazines, water, phone all your beach essentials. Oh yeah and it’s cute.

Black Bikini-Chloe-$391.00
A girl can wish……don’t judge me!

White Bikini-Melissa Odabash-$205.00
…..still wishing! Ok so my two bikini choices are a bit much but I love the style and I am sure that I will be able to find something just as nice to wear….you get the point.

Brim Beach Hat-$16.00
LOVE this the bigger the better!!!

Canon Camera-$500.00
Already splurged on this last year so I have this…..if I can just get the Black bikini now LMAO!!

Fiji Water-$3.00
enough said. I love this water and I will have several bottles in my black mesh beach tote. No sharing get your own.

And Finally, I will have my Vogue magazine on hand to read and keep on top of everything fabulous! Hope you enjoyed my items that I will tag along on my trip to Hilton Head Island in May!! Check back for all of the fabulous pictures I will post!

New york girl beach towlerGG sandalsneutrogena sunblock 2mesh black beach bagfloppy hat twowhite binkin twoblack bikini twocanon camera twofiji water with glassvogue kim and kanye




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