Keep Calm Spring Is Here!



YES!!!!!  I have Pharrell Williams smash hit “Happy” on repeat because today is the first day of…wait for it…….. SPRING!!!!!!

The blooming flowers, the bright sun and the warmer weather always make me feel more optimistic. The season which happens to be my favorite closely followed by autumn of course, is welcomed by fashion lovers everywhere as we scramble to decide on pastels or neon’s. Now, I know that you were watching every runway show this season right? I knew you were, so let’s define some of the hottest trends for spring. One of my favorite looks from the runway would be the sheer pieces that I have seen in almost every designer collection this season. You can wear thin layers of chiffon which allows us to embrace our curves in such a feminine way which can transform from day to night.

Graphic, bold geometric patterns are all the rage this season as well and not just for fashion. Bright and bold colors in a variety of stripes, solids and patterns should make the top of your shopping list as well. I personally like the bright colors I feel it’s the perfect way to introduce summer with greens, yellows and pinks. Now the flat shoe trend….well I will have to warm up to that idea but my list has been created and off I go to create my spring wardrobe.





2 Comments on “Keep Calm Spring Is Here!”

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    haha i am so excited too for spring!! and these outfits are very inspirational 🙂

  2. J'Chanet says:

    I am excited about spring

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