Vogue Asks Sarah Jessica Parker 73 Questions



Happy Thursday!!


Today I was on my good friend blog site and found the best post of the day! Tami who has a FABULOUS blog by the way called (www.talkingwithTami.com) please check out her blog if you are a lover of all things fashion, fun and fabulous. I was going though her blog posts and ran across something that made my heart smile today! If you are a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan then when you view this video it will make your heart smile as it did mine! Thank you Tami for posting such a “Feel Good” post.


This video made my love for SJP grow deeper!!!! Enjoy! I sure did!!!





One Comment on “Vogue Asks Sarah Jessica Parker 73 Questions”

  1. J'Chanet says:

    I love her, cute interview

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