Chanel Makes Me Happy!!!!!!!

Chanel Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Fashion Extravaganza!

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Mr. Lagerfeld for not only creating (yet again) some of the most fabulously constructed, yet feminine and sexy posh garments I have seen this season. To be honest I am not surprised that Lagerfeld was able to produce such a stunning and electrifying display of his latest collection on March 4th, 2014. It was like I was waiting to see just exactly what he would do this year, I am sure that we all can remember the show at the airport hanger? Of course we do. Well my little “CoCo puffs” Karl did not disappoint us and decided this year to take us well shopping but only in the finest Chanel of course darling.

I had to watch the Chanel Show at least 3 times; it was exquisite to say the least. The runway was turned into a Chanel supermarket and the models walked this way and that way and some shopped and some gave face but with all that going on you were still focused on the clothing. There were Chanel products everywhere more than over five hundred brands and grocery carts and Chanel chains that dubbed as grocery bags, Chanel chips and sodas….”sigh” that man gave me LIFE with this collection!

The shoes, oh the shoes were so mesmerizing that they almost prompted me to take my next 3 paychecks and purchase not one but two pairs of the sneakers and tall boots. I can’t even express in words what I witness and I will not bore you with my “blah, blah & OMG’s” so enjoy the 13mins and 57seconds of pure bliss below when you click on the link and some of my favorite looks from the collection as well “jouir de”




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