Are you sure you are ready to hire a Publicist?

Are you sure you are ready to hire a Publicist? Advice from Silhouette Public Relations and Management could help you decide.

Congratulations on the success of your business! Now you are ready to expand and drum up more exposure for your company…..but should you? Are you ready? Have you done your research on PR firms? Do you know what is needed for your brand for a successful campaign?

If you can answer the above questions with a solid YES! Again congratulations, you have done your research and ready to go out and hire a reputable Public Relations company to get more business and exposure for your brand. If the answer is a hesitating, well yeah I guess…then you are in need of some guidance and helpful tips in choosing the right PR firm for your business. Silhouette Public Relations and Management is an emerging PR firm located in AtlantaGeorgia. Silhouette PR focuses on emerging Fashion Designers, and CEO Ursula Hodge have offered some great tips for you to use in choosing a PR firm to represent you and your brand.

“My first question when a potential client seeks representation from my company, usually is this…”Why do you feel you need to hire a Publicist for your business?” says Ursula. My staff and I want to make sure that you are in need of a Publicist and not just because you want one, or the “in thing” to have at the moment. The advice below offered by Silhouette Public Relations and Management should be your first step of research when seeking a Public Relations Firm.


  1. First you would want to pick a company that specializes in what suits your needs and the vision of your company. If you have a novelty cupcake shop then seeking representation from a music based PR company is not exactly a good fit. A firm that specializes in media relations would be a great start no matter what business you have.


  1. Next, you would want to be sure that hiring a PR firm would be an asset for yourcompany. If gaining media exposure to direct more customers to your business is your ultimate goal then hiring a PR firm would be a great asset to your company

         A good PR firm will have solid contacts with the media; don’t be afraid to ask for references.


  1. Be sure that the PR firm is excited and extremely supportive of your business.The PR Company should be asking you just as many questions about your business as you should be asking about the PR firm level of expertise. This should be a two sided interview, do your research on the PR firm before agreeing to set up a meeting.

   4.   Finally, choose a PR firm that will be flexible enough to fit your ever changing needs and the growth of you business. Make   sure the PR firm will be flexible with the terms of a retainer agreement but even with the cost if necessary. PR firms with the option of   agreeing to a retainer or month to month contract as Silhouette Public Relations and Management offers could be the perfect match for your small business.

         Based in AtlantaGeorgia, Silhouette Inc is a rapidly growing fashion public relations firm specializing in emerging designers and businesses in the fashion industry. At Silhouette Inc. we understand that exposure through all facets of media and business management is crucial to a brand’s success and most importantly survival. We search high and low for emerging design clients as well as established businesses who would like to gain more exposure for there company and there brand. Silhouette Inc offers the luxury of having a great Public Relations firm behind you that stays within your budget. We keep your brand ahead of the curve by diligently working to develop, maintain and utilize relationships with key editors, bloggers, stylists, sponsors, and other influential industry members. We also manage daily business functions to keep your brand organized and professional.

Silhouette Inc. represent the extension of your brand, we firmly stand behind you because we are your brand.

We are the “Silhouette” of your success!



Ursula Hodge

Silhouette Public Relations 




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