European Wax Center Grand Opening Party

European Wax Center Grand Opening Party


I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Modern Luxury Jezebel ( ) on June 25th, for the grand opening of European Wax Center at Town Brookhaven. This luxurious salon is far from your average strip mall waxing hub and might I add a lot more posh. European Wax Center is a professional wax services company offering luxurious facials and body waxing and pride themselves on healthy waxing. I also had the pleasure of having a personal tour by one of the owners, Jason Cohen who exclusively let me in on the secrets of why their hair removal techniques are less painful than other methods used by other waxing salon chains.

The company’s exclusive Comfort Wax is comprised of 100 percent beeswax specially formulated in Paris and imported to the salon. The wax which comes in the form of small pellets clings to the hair, not the skin. The event also offered samples of amazing products to sample which included my favorite, the all natural Ingrown Hair Serum which will eliminate the problem of ingrown hair that causes inflammation of the skin. The grand opening had a huge turnout and a plethora of Hor d’ oeuvres were a very nice touch, especially the hummus and chicken tacos.

If you are looking for a fabulous, posh and clean waxing salon well look no further than European Wax Center at Town Brookhaven ( I will be completing a full write up review after my appointment next month so return for the write up. Happy Waxing!!




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